Vice Dean Sharma Keynote Speaker at GardaWorld 2018

April 16, 2018

On April 12, 2018, over 300 bankers and financial services experts attended GardaWorld 2018 Banking Forum at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. The purpose of the event was for attendees to obtain a better understanding of and to discuss the changes in the banking sector.

The keynote speaker was Arun Sharma, Vice Dean of Executive Education at Miami Business School. He stated that traditional industries face two strategic imperatives. First, how to create growth in stable industries, and second, how to address competitive attacks and disruptions. While growth has always been a strategic imperative, the focus on disruptions has increased dramatically. 

In his presentation, he explored access to assets and speed of asset deployment to better understand and address the emerging wave of disruptions that firms are facing. In seeking to understand disruptions, he discussed a framework that explains disruptions and the dramatic effect of “digital disruption.” He then defined the five types of disruptions and strategies. He also described the blueprint for a four-part strategy to better create and address disruptions, an organization form that he labels “liquid organization.” He showed that increasing the liquidity of an organization allows firms to implement both offensive and defensive disruptive strategies and, therefore, enhance growth.

Stéphane Gonthier, CEO of GardaWorld, stated, “GardaWorld is delighted to have this forum co-powered by Miami Business School and to be a member of the MBS Corporate Associates Program. Professor Sharma’s insights on disruption and the liquid organization was appreciated by our audience.”

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