Vice Dean Cronqvist Conquers Kilimanjaro

June 21, 2018

Vice Dean Henrik Cronqvist, originally from Sweden, currently lives at sea-level in Miami Beach, but has always considered himself a “city guy.”

“For me to spend 10 days sleeping in a tent and climbing (Mount) Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, was a once-in-a-lifetime challenge,” said Vice Dean Cronqvist. 
He adds that it was equally mentally and physically challenging, and points to a number of important lessons for Miami Business School’s students and alumni. 
“First, it's by getting out of our comfort zone that we grow as business executives and human beings. Second, teamwork is critical for success,” said Vice Dean Cronqvist. “I climbed Kili with 10 other people, none of whom I knew before, and we helped each other out, which was simply awesome."  

Vice Dean Cronqvist is a professor in the department of finance and an expert on behavioral finance.
What's next for Vice Dean Cronqvist? 
“Well, last year, I ran the Pyongyang (North Korea) Marathon, so next year, I will try a triathlon. I'm a really bad swimmer, so this is an opportunity to improve.”   

Stay tuned to see how Vice Dean Cronqvist tackles new heights, both in his personal adventures and within his newly-appointed role, which began June 15, as Vice Dean of Faculty and Research with the MBS.

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