Delta Beta Advisors: Corporate Associate of the Month

October 12, 2018

By Rony Shir

Delta Beta Advisors specializes in acquiring secondary debt investments in public and private companies, including investments originated by an affiliated fund in a variety of  sectors including health care, real estate, and technology. The same sectors the Miami Business School is heavily focused on and constantly innovating.

"For all obvious reasons, we think the University, in particular the Miami Business School is a fantastic place," explains Mark Angelo: President at Delta Beta Advisors.

Mark is particularly impressed with the caliber of students that graduate from the business school and attributes many of the positive movements he has seen to Dean John Quelch. The Miami Business School has embraced a new approach to business education, focusing on giving students maximum choice and flexibility to customize their curriculum via cross-credit recognition and the ability to "forge their own path." When asked what his own personal experience has been with MBS students, Mark Angelo explains:

Our focus is to bring in students (that graduated from the Miami Business School), have them intern at our company, familiarize them with our mission and culture, and go on to hire them full time. We have been able to get good students from MBS and for that we are grateful. The Miami Business School understands change is necessary in order to grow and typically leads to more success. The students we hire have an impressive and innovative approach to this. They are driven and eager to learn our company and what it stands for. In fact Michael Rosselli (Director at Delta Beta Advisors) has a son currently enrolled at the University. Our plan over time is to expand further in the Florida market which means additional opportunities to partner with the Miami Business School are eminent. I had the pleasure of meeting Dean John Quelch, and have visited the beautiful campus. This is a great relationship for us to have and one we greatly benefit from.

Mark Angelo
President, Delta Beta Advisors
The investment management team at Delta Beta Advisors was established approximately 18 years ago. Joseph Simone, Vice President, explains, "our goal is to continue growing the team and executing our strategy which includes expanding into new markets and industries globally as opportunities present themselves. The most exciting part of our business is the ability to meet, diligence and then perhaps invest in what could turn out to be the next Nike or Google. In order to truly succeed in our field, we must have a strong team which is why our hiring process is critical to our overall business. When interviewing a potential candidate, one of the most important attributes we look for is their ability to portray a great work ethic and commitment to the firm. There is no substitution for hard work. That said, willingness to learn and creativity in solving complex problems also plays an important role in evaluating our new hires."

Delta Beta Advisors is also a Silver Member ($10,000+) of the Corporate Associates Program. The program includes 50 global and local businesses that have built long-term strategic relationships with MBS. The vision of the Corporate Associates Program is to shape the corporate community and contribute to the prosperity of our corporate members by providing access to top-tier students, innovative programs, and thought leadership. For more information, please click here.
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