GardaWorld: Corporate Associate of the Month

December 05, 2018

By Rony Shir

GardaWorld is the cash services market leader in North America. Headquartered in South Florida, its team of 12,000 professionals are supported by one of the most expansive and technologically advanced transport and cash vaulting networks on the continent. It manages over $8B in cash every single day for the financial, commercial, government and corporate sectors.

GardaWorld Cash Services is part of GardaWorld, the largest privately owned security firm in the world. The global business has over 65,000 employees providing leading-edge security services to a diverse clientele—from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies—in 45 countries globally. Their everyday mission: to make the world a safer place by protecting its clients’ people and assets everywhere. With a strong presence in Florida since it relocated its headquarters nearly seven years ago, the company continues to build its ties with the State’s leading institutions—the Miami Business School being no exception. Steph Gonthier, CEO of GardaWorld Cash Services, said the following when asked about the company’s growing relationship with the school: 


For a global company with significant growth ambitions like GardaWorld, partnerships with leading academic institutions are crucial. When you strive to be the best, you need to be able to recruit from the best. That’s why we are absolutely committed to strengthening our partnership with the Miami Business School. MBS can only be described as one of the top business schools in the U.S. and its profile is growing for all the right reasons. Dean Quelch is a formidable academic leader within the business school community. As the proud parent of an MBS sophomore, I have seen first-hand the great work of Dean Quelch and team, the quality of the academic staff and research, and the depth of the academic programs offered to students.

Steph Gonthier
CEO, GardaWorld Cash Services

GardaWorld has growing recruitment needs both in its North American Cash Services business and across its global security business. The company recently began providing internship opportunities to MBS students.

“We are proud to offer compelling internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate MBS students at our Boca Raton campus, and have clear objectives to increase the number of positions offered. We are also committed to facilitating exciting career opportunities to MBS students upon their graduation and within the alumni community,” added Gonthier. “We are looking for the country’s future leaders—highly-skilled, entrepreneurial and responsible individuals—who can embody our values of integrity and trust, and of vigilance and respect, and support us in our growth objectives.”

GardaWorld also looks forward to supporting academic research led by MBS thought leaders and academics.

“We have had the opportunity to work alongside MBS faculty on thought leadership within the business community and have been very impressed. Marketing Professor Arun Sharma is undertaking relevant and engaging research; we believe in the importance of supporting such endeavors.”

GardaWorld is also a Silver Member ($10,000+) of the Corporate Associates Program. The company renewed their membership for FY19. The program includes 50 global and local businesses that have built long-term strategic relationships with MBS. The vision of the Corporate Associates Program is to shape the corporate community and contribute to the prosperity of our corporate members by providing access to top-tier students, innovative programs, and thought leadership.

For more information on the Corporate Associates Program, please click here.

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