TD Ameritrade Chairman Joe Moglia: How to Become an Effective Leader

December 13, 2019

By Robert Wagenseil

Only one week after Charles Schwab announced plans to buy discount brokerage rival TD Ameritrade in a deal valued at $26 billion, TD's Chairman and former CEO Joe Moglia came to Miami Herbert Business School for a passionate discussion about leadership, well as personal and professional stories that impacted his life the most.

Joe Moglia is the Chairman of the Board at TD Ameritrade, and in 2019, became Chair of Athletics and Executive Adviser to the President at Coastal Carolina University.

Prior to 2019, Joe was the Head Football Coach at Coastal and in his first five seasons he led his team to the National Playoffs all 5 years and was Conference Champions 4 times posting an overall record of 56-22 and a winning percentage of .718. In his last 11 years of college coaching, he has been a part of 8 championship teams. He has also received multiple Coach of the Year honors, including the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year award, and was the recipient of the Vince Lombardi Award, and inducted into the Lombardi Hall of Fame.

Joe has been a Football Coach for 25 years, but it’s not a traditional 25 years. He began his career as a coach for 16 years, moved to the business world for over 20, and back to coaching in 2009.

In the business world, he was at Merrill Lynch for 17 years before becoming the CEO at TD Ameritrade in 2001. When Joe stepped down in 2008, shareholders had enjoyed a 500% return. In 2009 he became Chairman of the Board. Today, TD Ameritrade has client assets of $1.3 TRILLION and a market cap of $35 BILLION. When Joe arrived in 2001, the market cap was $700 million.

Moglia has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Sharp Trophy for Leadership. He has been honored by the National Italian American Foundation, the Columbus Citizens Foundation, the American Institute for Stuttering and the Stuttering Association for the Young.

He has also been inducted into seven Halls of Fame, is the recipient of three Honorary Doctorates and has been inducted to the National Economic Honor Society. Joe has already had a book written about his life, and he is the only author in the world that has written two books published on both investing and football.

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