Miami Herbert Students Adjust To Online Learning

May 19, 2020

Many undergraduate and graduate students have shared compliments about the dedication of Miami Herbert faculty to ensure a seamless transition and a first-rate experience in the virtual classroom. Here’s one such tribute from sophomore Margarita Sinko.

Based upon what I have heard from my friends at other universities, I can confidently report that the University of Miami took an informed and sensible approach and response to the COVID-19 crisis. Giving faculty and students a week to prepare for online classes was an excellent idea. Faculty and students at other universities were given less than a week to prepare for online instruction. Furthermore, I liked that faculty members were given the opportunity to conduct a trial run of online courses right before classes resumed. Of course, there were some minor technical problems with transitioning all courses to an online format in the middle of the semester. My experiences have been very positive and I would like to thank my business school professors.

Professor Shalom Saada Saar taught Human Resource Management. His inspirational speeches and lectures exuded incredible energy to his students. He challenged us to explain what we would do in real-life situations, especially with regard to how to be persuasive, and how business leaders should think and act. The Harvard Business cases that we studied, discussed, and debated in his class were great. Professor Saar truly wants his students to be successful, not only in business but also in life. He shared his knowledge in a way that motivated students to be both soft and strong.

Professor Joan Martínez Evora taught International Business Law and inspired his students through his personal stories of perseverance, as well as his deep belief in and understanding of the law. My team members and I were required to make a class presentation on ethics in international business, Professor Evora had challenged us to think about different perspectives on international business law.

Kudos to all faculty at Miami Herbert Business School for all their help this past semester.

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