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Wellness | Benefits and Discounts

New deals and discounts: spotlight on employee benefits

From reduced prices for exercise classes to Super Bowl Music Festival tickets, and everything in between, we’re highlighting some of our favorite discounts this month.


Wellness | Benefits and Discounts

New year, new health plan and benefits reminders

Here’s what you need to know about your benefits to get your year off to a good start in 2020.



What’s the best workout for weight loss?

Learn more about the road to weight loss through exercise with help from experts at UHealth’s Fitness and Wellness Center.


Wellness | Benefits and Discounts

Tips for coping with holiday stress

The University’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program provides year-round support, including one-on-one consultations and seminars.



Depression impacts everyone differently

Experts from the University of Miami’s Faculty and Staff Assistance Program highlight ways that the UM community can learn about depression symptoms and coping strategies.