The Canes are in the Building

Instead of spending their morning on Greentree, the Canes practiced for the very first time inside the Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility.
IPF is open

Friday was another beautiful sunny day on the Greentree Practice Fields, but the Miami Hurricanes were nowhere to be found.

"We did it today because we wanted to celebrate the building today, and we have a scrimmage tomorrow and I didn't want to take a lot out of them," head coach Mark Richt said. "So that's why we're in here today. But from now on, if we're out there and the [lightning] horn blows…eventually the big doors open up and 'bam.' There we go. We'll use it for sure if the horn blows. We'll go directly in, won't change cleats, we won't do anything [differently]. For the first time in my head coaching career, I don't have to worry about 'Plan B.' This was super fun. And I got a little emotional, too, when it first started. Just seeing Carol [Soffer] loving it. It was awesome. When that horn blows and we come straight in…we're looking forward to that."