Roberto Bosch

Defining financial education and investment solutions, alumnus finds success in business.
Roberto Bosch

Leading LQBTQ ‘Canes with renewed collective ‘Cane pride

Roberto Bosch, B.S.M.S. '07, distinctly recalls the thrill of throwing oranges on the field at the Orange Bowl Stadium after a bad call during Hurricanes’ football games. He smiles at the memories of spending time racing around the track on campus as they take him back to high school track & field races, "It’s always been known as one of the fastest tracks around," shares Bosch.

It’s no surprise that he chose to take the 10-mile road trip from home to attend the only university that he’s ever loved. Starting out on an engineering path, Bosch veered over to the Miami Herbert School of Business his second year to focus his studies.

Now, as an investment specialist at Aberdeen Standard Investments in NYC, he takes pride in the combinations of his background and work at the U, providing the problem-solving edge to engineer solutions for his clients’ financial futures. "I’m a subject-matter expert representing our emerging markets debt strategies to existing and potential clients," shares Bosch. "It's my goal to educate investors on how they can utilize our strategies to achieve the desired outcome for their end-clients."

Learn more about Roberto Bosch in this Q & A:

How did you select the University of Miami?

I grew up in Miami and when I decided to stay in Florida for college, the U was a no-brainer. I visited the campus numerous times during high school and was drawn to the beautiful environment. More importantly, I was impressed at how much access and attention you received from your professors and the Deans. Knowing that it had a diverse student body was also a big plus for me because the city itself is very diverse. I knew that I wanted a smaller college feel, but still wanted to meet people from different backgrounds.

What did you focus on while you were here? Can you share your proudest moments at the U?

I ultimately graduated from the Miami Herbert Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science. As the first in my family to attend and graduate from college, I’d have to say that is one of my proudest moments.

How important is it to you to stay connected with the U and LGBTQ 'Canes? 

I love The U and had a great experience as a student, so I want to ensure that we continue fostering a supportive environment for current and future students. The LGBTQ ‘Canes affinity group is also a great way to reconnect with alumni across generations and reminisce about our shared connection, but also learn from our different life experiences.

What made you decide to step into a leadership role? Where do you see the future of LQBTQ 'Canes at the U? 

In order for our young group to succeed, we need active participation from our alumni base. That’s why I decided that I should step into a leadership role. I’ve been fortunate to meet some very dedicated alums who, even in the absence of a formal affinity group, had dedicated themselves to giving back in both small and big ways. It’s my hope this group will serve as a resource to students as they transition into their professional lives and, more importantly, become a community for ‘Canes across the world.