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A ’Canes guide to summer reading


A ’Canes guide to summer reading

Keep your weekends busy with these University of Miami digital magazines and books by alumni authors.

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Alumni Books

Non-Fiction/ Sports
Big League Dream
Roy Berger, A.B. ‘74
Big League Dream is alumnus Roy Berger’s ode to a game he loves. Through his attempts to play baseball again on the fantasy camp circuit, Berger met, talked to, and shared beer with players who had touched greatness. Big League Dream is the next-best thing to sitting down with the greats of the game from the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, and hearing stories few have ever heard.

Fiction/ Young Adult
Breathing Underwater
Alex Flinn, B.M. ‘88
This is one of twelve novels for young adults by alumna and New York Times best-selling author Alex Flinn. It tells the story of sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas who, on the outside, seems to have led a charmed life. What no one knows--not even his best friend--is the terror that Nick faces every time he is alone with his father. As things start to spiral out of control, Nick must face the fact that he's gotten more from his father than green eyes and money.  

Non-Fiction/ Memoir
Havana and Other Missing Fathers
Mia Leonin, M.F.A. ‘95
At sixteen, Mia Leonin finally meets her father, a Cuban exile living in Florida, but trying to discover the truth behind him proves to be a more daunting task. Her journey takes her to Miami, Colombia, and Cuba, and her search for cultural identity leads her to create memories, friendships, and romances. Havana and Other Missing Fathers is Leonin’s recollection of this journey and her longing to learn more about her origins.

Fiction/ Poetry
Song of Thieves
Shara McCallum, A.B. ‘94
Songs of Thieves is the second poetry collection by author Shara McCallum, who was born in Jamaica to an African Jamaican father and Venezuelan mother, and who moved to the United States when she was nine. It delves into issues of racial identity and politics, the immigrant experience, and the search for "home" and family histories.

Fiction/ Coming-of-Age
Elnaz Moghangard, A.B. ‘15
In alumna Elnaz Moghangard’s first book, Roya, a 22-year-old Iranian American woman embarks on a reluctant journey to Iran. There, she finds a country with its own torn identity -- one caught between tradition and modernity. With the help of some unlikely friends, she finds truth in the unraveling of family secrets and a new dawn for dreams.

Non-Fiction/ Business Culture
The Boardroom Buddha: 5 Universal Principles to Achieve Greater Success and Happiness…Today  
Dean Myers, B.B.A. ’80, M.B.A. ’81
Alumnus and former global vice president of The Coca-Cola Company, Dean Z. Myers, discusses universal principles and success tools that can be used in not just business, but all areas of life.

Non-Fiction/ Travel
Imagination and Dreams Are Forever
Randy ‘R.J.’ Ogren, B.E.d. ’72, and Suzanne Ogren
This third book by artist, actor, and former audio-animatronic artist at Walt Disney World, Randy Ogren, and his wife Suzanne, covers their careers in the early decades of Walt Disney World, Suzanne as a character performer, and R.J. as an artist. Visit the most magical place on earth through these backstage stories. 

Fiction/ Thriller
Benjamin, My Son
Geoffrey Philp, A.B. ’83, M.A. ’86
A Jamaican retooling of Dante’s Inferno, this literary thriller tells the story of Jason Lumley, a native Jamaican living in Miami, Florida, who returns to his homeland when his politician stepfather is murdered. In his quest, Lumley encounters former acquaintances and earlier manifestations of himself that offer bracing commentary on the sexism, homophobia, and corruption that have replaced the nationalist dream.
A double alumnus of the U, Geoffrey Philp has also written three children’s books and five poetry collections.

Fiction/ Mystery
The Year of Fog
Michelle Richmond, M.F.A. ‘98
In this book by alumna and New York Times bestselling author Michelle Richmond, six-year-old Emma vanishes into the thick San Francisco fog. Devastated by guilt, her soon-to-be stepmother Abby refuses to believe that Emma is dead. With her life at a crossroads, she will leave San Francisco for a country thousands of miles away. And there, on a journey that has led her into a strange subculture of wanderers and surfers, Abby will make the most astounding discovery of all—as the truth of Emma’s disappearance unravels with stunning force.