Volunteering to Lead: Jerry Goldstein


Volunteering to Lead: Jerry Goldstein

A Q&A with New York ’Canes Community President Jerry Goldstein, B.B.A. '89

For alumnus Jerry Goldstein, B.B.A. ’89, ’Canes pride runs in the family. His son, Jared, B.M. ’16, graduated from the Frost School of Music and his daughter Leah is a student in the combined bachelor’s and master’s in accounting program.

Goldstein has been an active member of the University of Miami alumni community since graduating in 1989. Now, as president of the New York ‘Canes Community, he focuses on helping to grow the alumni network and providing guidance to recent graduates. We touched base with him to learn about his ‘Cane pride and advice to recent graduates.  

Jerry Goldstein

What was your favorite thing about UM?

I was involved in so many things, and always felt encouraged by my professors and advisors. I was president of my fraternity and a part of student government. I absorbed everything.

There was also so much school spirit. We would go to the Orange Bowl every weekend for the game. My memories are of just so much excitement and pride but also a camaraderie where every person wanted to help you succeed. They made you feel like you belonged there and that you were part of the UM family. Both my son and daughter had a similar experience, so I can safely say that the culture and the overall feel of the University is that once you're a Hurricane, you're a Hurricane for life.

How have you stayed connected to the University after graduation?

The alumni association has evolved since the time that I graduated. In the 90s, I was an alumni representative going to college fairs, on behalf of the school, and I was always involved at some level. In recent years I was involved through the Frost School of Music, contributing and hosting events. Being a part of the recent relaunch of the 'Canes Communities was a great opportunity to get involved and help grow a strong alumni association nationally. 

What do you hope to achieve with the New York 'Canes?

I'm hoping to continue building a cohesive, vibrant community where the incoming students can network with current students, and current students can network with alumni. We can build and foster relationships and a special network of professionals and friends to socialize with, reach out to for professional advice, coaching, and contacts. We want to be a resource and create a community with a strong presence that makes students want to come to UM. 

Do you have any advice for recent graduates? 

I’ve actually been speaking to a lot of students. As the president of the New York ‘Canes, I get a lot of emails from young alumni and I embrace the discussion because they need to have contact with the school. They need to know that with the University of Miami, you don’t simply graduate and you're done. It’s a lifelong affiliation. And one of the most important things you can do as an alum is to embrace a young graduate who has questions.

We can certainly help you do one of the most important things you'll ever do in your career: talk to people, network, and join forces as graduates of the University of Miami. If you can't get a job where you want to work, meet everybody that works there, network with them so that when the economy opens up and they start hiring, you're first on the list.

My message is of persistence, resilience, kindness, and building the network as if it's your job until you can actually get to the place where you want to be.

How do you suggest that they start? 

There should be no hesitation from a new graduate to reach out to their community and ask what they can do to be involved. Start contacting the boards or presidents of your ‘Canes Community. Students and alumni are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.