Tufaan, the University of Miami’s South Asian a capella group

Group needs votes so its voices can continue to be heard

By Amanda M. Perez

Group needs votes so its voices can continue to be heard

By Amanda M. Perez
Tufaan, the University of Miami’s South Asian a cappella group, needs the community’s help to advance in the international UpstagedAID One World, Every Student Voice 2020 Championship.

Some of the most decorated college a cappella groups have virtually come together to compete in one of the biggest international college championship events. The University of Miami’s group, Tufaan, is among the select few that have made it to the first round of the UpstagedAID One World, Every Student Voice 2020 Championship. 

“We are in disbelief that we have been able to represent the University of Miami in such an upscale competition,” said Daniel Arciniegas, a senior in the Frost School of Music's musicianship, artistry development, and entrepreneurship program and music director of the group. “It was so exciting to know that we have already made it past several rounds of preliminary judging, where they narrowed down the competitors from 64 to 32. Now we need help to make it past the first round of voting!” 

UpStagedAID received more than 160 worldwide applicants from 11 countries and 5 continents. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of more than $10,000  to donate to a charity of its choice. If it wins, Tufaan has chosen to donate its prize money to the Lebanese Red Cross. 

“Tufaan really prides itself in having a very multicultural and multinational perspective. We find beauty and love and solidarity in embracing cultures and people from other places,” said Arciniegas. “I think especially now, having seen the terrible explosion in Beirut, it is much more than appropriate to show that love to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.” 

Arciniegas said the group would be humbled to get voting support from the University of Miami community. 

“Seeing support from students, faculty, and staff would be a gratifying experience and reassurance that UM is actually a place that manifests solidarity and support toward everyone. It would be fantastic,” he said. 

For the group, taking home the win would boost morale during this tough year. 

“Our end of the year competition got cancelled because of the pandemic, so it was rough to work for something all year and have it cancelled. It felt like we had something taken away from us,” Arciniegas explained. But, he added, “this international competition gives our team something to look forward to. Especially for the new members, it gives them a sense of unity during these difficult times when we can’t meet face-to-face.” 

Go here to cast a vote for Tufaan. Voting runs until October 2.