’Canes Communities welcome new alumni to the neighborhood

With the start of a new academic year, the University of Miami encouraged recent graduates to connect with their local alumni networks at Welcome to the Neighborhood events across the country.
’Canes Communities welcome new alumni to the neighborhood
Isaac Attuah, B.S. ’22 (center) was one of the new alumni welcomed by the Atlanta ’Canes Community this fall.

Miami ’Canes Community members returned to campus to connect over cafecito by Lake Osceola before touring the Lowe Art Museum.

Palm Beach County and Charlotte ’Canes met over refreshments in their respective areas to welcome new faces, as well as seasoned members, to their alumni network.

The Atlanta ’Canes Community hosted a panel called ’Cane Conversations where successful alumni shared their knowledge and expertise with recent graduates looking to leverage their connection to the U.

These and other ’Canes Communities around the country hosted Welcome to the Neighborhood events during September. The events were a way for new alumni to begin building their professional networks and giving back to their communities, while staying connected with their alma mater.

For 2022 graduate Isaac Attuah, the Atlanta ’Canes Community helps him to "stay grounded,” connecting him with people who are striving towards similar goals and motivated by ideals nurtured during their time at the U.

Not only that, he says, “it’s also a huge way to expand your network through a common goal.” In this case, that means supporting the continued success of the University of Miami and the Hurricane community.

Attuah hopes he can help create new opportunities for other alumni, whether that be by “grabbing coffee with a student starting their professional journey or helping an alumnus to break into a new industry.” 

For example, “A hard thing you find in industries is that a lot of people, I’ve noticed, come from the same schools. This can make it really difficult to break into a field if you do not know someone,” he noted.  

Attuah’s advice to current students: “Networking makes a big difference.”

A proud scholarship recipient, Attuah hopes to help the ’Canes Community raise more scholarship support for students from the Atlanta area. Since getting involved, he says his ’Canes network inspires him to pay it forward: “It’s a constant reminder that we can always give back to the school for everything that we gained during that time.”

’Canes Communities—led by local University of Miami volunteers and supported by the alumni association—bring alumni, parents, students, and friends together to stay connected to the U and give back to their community in meaningful ways while imparting valuable support to those in need.

With 40 ’Canes Communities across the United States and in several international locations, it’s easy to get involved. Find your ’Canes Community here.