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A Generous Donation of Underwater Photos Adds New Species to School’s Digital Marine Atlas

A unique collection of 450 underwater photos including new corals and other marine species has been added to the Digital Atlas of Marine Species and Locations (DAMSL) at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science.




Thanks to the generosity of world-renowned underwater photographer Myron Wang, this one-of-a-kind online educational resource continues to grow and reveal new marvels of the undersea world.

“I am very pleased that my life’s work of underwater photo exploration is being used by Rosenstiel to advance scientific research and provide a source of information, studies and enjoyment for anyone passionate about our oceans,” said Wang, In the past 50-plus years, his passion for visually documenting marine life has taken him and his wife Nicole to exotic locations, such as the Red Sea, the Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon, Seychelles and the Great Barrier Reef.

The additions to DAMSL include 300 photos of never-seen corals that were researched and identified by Andrew Baker, Ph.D., Rosenstiel professor and marine biologist who directs the school’s Coral Reef Futures Lab. Catherine Puma assisted Dr. Baker in the identification process as part of her master’s degree project, and former Rosenstiel student Devon Witczak researched and wrote blogs containing scientific and anecdotal information on some of the wondrous animal photos included in DAMSL. 

Now, DAMSL has more than 4,500 digital photos in an encyclopedic collection presenting and illuminating coral reefs in every prominent equatorial reef system. It is available to scientists, students and other underwater enthusiasts seeing to explore worlds beyond their classrooms and books.  

This new donation further demonstrates the Rosenstiel School’s commitment to setting a high standard for ocean, atmospheric, and earth studies. Click here to learn more about this innovative digital atlas.