Frost Professor Frank Cooper Presents The Gilded Era: Music and Arts in Europe and America 1890-1914

By UM News

Frost Professor Frank Cooper Presents The Gilded Era: Music and Arts in Europe and America 1890-1914

By UM News
Professor Frank Cooper Offers Lecture Series, "The Gilded Era" exploring Music & Arts in Europe & America 1890-1914.
The University of Miami Frost School of Music presents The Gilded Era: Music & Arts in Europe & America 1890-1914. The autumn lecture series is presented by Frost Research Professor of Musicology Frank Cooper as a special non-credit course for lovers of music, images and ideas. The five, Monday evening sessions will take place in Clarke Recital Hall on the Coral Gables campus from 7:30-9:30 PM beginning September 12. 

This series aims to “paint” for a view of the Gilded Era using audio, video and live performances in the company of commentary drawn from the personalities of the day and now. The sessions will also incorporate colorful images of artworks, architecture, theatrical design, and clothing. Familiar faces will appear alongside new faces – and famous musical works will accompany wonderful pieces for the audience’s enrichment.

The effulgent glory of Romanticism had peaked by the Mid-Nineteenth Century. Its heir, Late Romanticism, swept forward to Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, and Mahler. All the while, new movements such as Symbolism and Impressionism eddied on the periphery of public and critical opinion.

Enormous international expositions on two continents excited interest in technological advances and in foreign cultures. Musical life in the great cities broadened into new genres affecting composers, their marketplace and ultimately consumers. The seeds of modernism were sown as the lavish era teetered on the brink of extinction with the Great War and Russian Revolution to come. As a result, everything was changing – musical harmony, form and style, esthetic theory, societal norms, and ideas of education.


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