Kimberly Sena-Moore's Frost Tens

Kimberly Sena-Moore's Frost Tens

By UM News

Kimberly Sena-Moore's Frost Tens

By UM News
FROST TENS tap into the broad and deep expertise of the world-class faculty at the highly acclaimed Frost School of Music. The lists are not necessarily "Top Tens”, but rather TENS to consider and discuss. Each month we will post a new faculty list, inviting your responses and additions. Enjoy!
Kimberly Sena-Moore, Ph.D, Mt-Bc
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
Clinical Training Director, Music Therapy

Dr. Sena-Moore is a distinguished therapist, researcher, and scholar whose clinical and research efforts have helped adults and children with emotional, psychological, and medical needs. She joined the Frost faculty in 2014, teaching undergraduate music therapy classes while supervising undergraduate and graduate level practicum placements. Dr. Sena-Moore balances a demanding schedule as an MT-BC and board-certified music therapist, writer, researcher, teacher, advocate, and online blogger. She excels at combining both clinical experience and hands-on research, while helping students “Build Themselves” as future music therapists..


Ten Simple Ways to De-stress

My list is inspired by the stress that’s commonly associated with the academic life. There is a flow to the semester, with excitement and energy at the start of the semester (which as a transition is itself stressful), a round of stress around midterms, and a final round of stress at the end of the semester. Plus, there is continued conversation amongst students and faculty about the increase in stress levels overall, given the “busyness” of daily life. I think it important and helpful to have reminders of simple strategies that may help reduce stress. These strategies come from things I have picked up over the years through my professional training, and personal experience/growth.

  1. Breathe in through your nose for 4 slow counts, then out through your mouth for 8 slow counts. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Take a 30-minute coffee break with a friend.
  3. Go for a walk around the lake.
  4. Visit Professor Tim Conner’s weekly mindfulness class (every Wednesday at 9:00 am in WML 210).
  5. Watch a movie or a TV show that always makes you laugh.
  6. Sit outside, then take a moment to notice and appreciate the sun, the breeze, the flowers, and the trees.
  7. Walk slowly through the meditation maze (next to the lake between the Frost campus and Walsh Tower).
  8. Watch the cats behind Weeks Music Library for 10 minutes (or the ducks near the lake).
  9. Take time to stretch. Reach your hands to the sky. Hold. Bend over and touch the ground. Hold. Twist to one side. Hold. Repeat on the other side. Hold.
  10. Treat yourself to a favorite meal or dessert.