Grad Students share their stories in the new video series “Come to The U”

Grad Students share their stories in the new video series “Come to The U”

By Laura Elena Lopez Ramos

Grad Students share their stories in the new video series “Come to The U”

By Laura Elena Lopez Ramos
The video series is now available to watch on the Graduate School website.


Premier research facilities, outstanding faculty, and networking opportunities are some of the reasons shared by the students featured in the new Graduate School video series “Come to The U”, a series inspired by real student stories on why they chose to become part of the University of Miami Community.

Master’s and doctoral students from all schools and colleges participated in the series which highlights the areas of study and research opportunities that make graduate education at the University of Miami unique.

“It was important for us to showcase the variety of graduate programs on the University of Miami’s three campuses and to allow students to express, in their own words, why UM provides a great environment for graduate studies,” said Dr. Tiffany Plantan, Director or Education at the Graduate School.

The series was developed in collaboration with the School of Communication. Ed Talavera, Associate Professor in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media, and his graduate student led production team took on the task of coordinating, recording and editing the student interviews and weaving them into a cohesive narrative.

In addition to recognizing Ed Talavera, Russ Darrow and their team, the Graduate School sincerely acknowledges each one of the students who were kind enough to share their stories:

Johanna Abril, Music Education PhD

Randall Barlow, Media Writing and Production Master of Music

Anna Bennett, History PhD

Annie Brett, Juris Doctor/Ecosystem Science & Policy PhD

James Grosso, Cancer Biology PhD

Michael Hoffman, Psychology PhD

Chelsea Kajs, Marketing and Management Science MBA

Dana Kaufman, Composition DMA

Willa Kaufmann, Cinema and Interactive Media Master of Fine Arts

Shruti Khandelwal, Architecture Master of Science

Kerli Kirch, Communication PhD

Marissa Kobayashi, Public Health Sciences

Rolando Lyles, Cancer Biology PhD

David McMillan, Exercise Physiology PhD

Nika Mirrafie, Master of Architecture

Dave Ortiz-Suslow, Applied Marine Physics PhD

Christopher O'Toole, Biomedical Engineering PhD

Nadia Peyravian, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology PhD

Emily Prince, Clinical and Developmental Psychology PhD

Justina Shandler, Media Writing and Production Master of Music

Chante Washington-Oates, Nursing PhD

Gina Zito, Exercise Physiology PhD