School of Architecture Faculty News

U-SoA Faculty Supports Bahamian Economy through Preservation

Professors Victoria and Lopez Drive Resiliency and Recovery


School of Architecture Student News

U-SoA Team and Associate Professor Sonia Chao, Help Dorian Victims Rebuild

Bahamians Convert Shipping Containers into Housing


School of Architecture Faculty News

Professor Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk talks of Front Porches to WSJ

Climate and Environment have Critical Impact


U-SoA’s Joanna Lombard Leads on “Keeping Current”

Climate Design Lab dives into latest climate science


School of Architecture Faculty News

U-SoA Honored with 2019 Graham Foundation Grant for Professors Deupi and Lejeune's “Cuban Modernism”

Publication editors are Victor Deupi and Jean Francois Lejeune.


School of Architecture Student News

Deploying a Dream

U-SoA welcomes MDC Transfer & US Army Veteran.