The Villagers Announce College Scholarship Recipients for 2017

By UM News

The Villagers Announce College Scholarship Recipients for 2017

By UM News
The Villagers recently awarded $34,000 in college scholarships to deserving students with an interest in architectural historic preservation and restoration.

Ten students were selected from the field of applicants based on scholastic standing, recommendations, samples of their work and their statement of interest in preserving architectural past.

Recipients from the University of Miami were sophomore architecture students Daniella P. Cancel, Shannar O’Connor and David Holmes.

All three are in the five-year School of Architecture program.

Holmes who also received a Villagers scholarship the previous academic year, said, ”As many cities around the U.S. begin to age, I feel it is critical to maintain and modernize our historical structures to keep them up to date with current technologies and design trends.”

University of Florida awardees Anulekha Chakraborty and Taurean Merriweather are both graduate students studying historic preservation Carolina Richardson, a graduate student, and junior Kaitlyn Fuson, were the recipients from Florida International University’s Department of Architecture.

Fuson explained, “I feel the past is something everyone should get to explore in a hands-on way, and when visiting a historic site, people can truly live the experience.”

A portion of the scholarship funds are designated for deserving students graduating from DASH, Miami-Dade County’s magnet school for architecture and design. The winners of the award are able to designate the scholarship to the university of their choice. Graduating seniors selected were Theo Neil A. Blones and Chloe Castillo from Miami and Sheridan Posschelle from Palmetto Bay.

Victoria L. Champion chaired The Villagers scholarship selection committee that included members Renee Belair, Verna R. Hodges, Margie Palmer, Irene Priess and Barbara Moller.

The Villagers Inc. is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites in Miami-Dade County. Founded in 1966, the all-volunteer organization is a not-for-profit 501(c)3.

For more information, visit www.thevillagersinc.org.