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'Building Eden' receives Florida Trust award

By UM News

'Building Eden' receives Florida Trust award

By UM News
"Building Eden, The Beginning of Miami-Dade County’s Visionary Park System" publication has been awarded the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation 2021 Award for Education & Media.

The book includes original and historic essays as well as drawings of Miami-Dade’s Heritage Parks and is one of the first representations of the County’s present-day park system in its entirety.

Contributions by University of Miami School of Architecture faculty include Rocco Ceo, editor and author (with Roger Hammer), Joanna Lombard and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, photography and design by Steven Brooke (and editorial consultant Beth Dunlop). U-SoA students also contributed to the book, they are listed below.

Documental Maps of Parks
Zambia Brannon
Jacob Dunaylzan
Victoria Flattau
Marcela Gamarra
Tony Garcia
Chris Glapinski
Leah Harper
Keith Irorio
Nicole Kraft
Michelle Liang
Natalie Monk
Sebastian Munoz
Sonia Sarmiento
Lily Scovazzo
James Seiberling
Sheena Toomey
Carla Vivar

Research Assistants
Claire Renfrow
Angela Steinke
James Stringer

Special thanks to Miami-Dade County Parks & Open Spaces and Charles E. Seitz and Jocelyn Danielson Tennille of the James Deering Danielson Foundation for their encouragement of the Project and support for the book.