Resolve Your Top Graduate Admissions Questions

Resolve Your Top Graduate Admissions Questions

By UOnline News

Resolve Your Top Graduate Admissions Questions

By UOnline News

Applying to graduate school can be a daunting task for even the most organized individual. The enrollment team at the University of Miami is here to help. Each day they receive a plethora of graduate admissions questions. We have put together answers to the most common questions our team of Enrollment Advisors receives each day.

Testing Requirements

What are your exact GMAT/GRE requirements?

GMAT/GRE requirements vary per program and are looked at amongst a combination of factors such as GPA and work experience. We recommend doing the best that you can on the test, then submitting your scores with the rest of your documents so we may have a more holistic view of your admissions status.

Waivers are granted based on a combination of academic history and work experience. We are interested in looking at your quantitative background and/or academic ability to ensure that you will be successful in our programs. If you are interested in a waiver, please log into the UOnline application to upload your resume and transcripts. Your Enrollment Advisor will then be in touch to let you know next steps.

I took a GRE, can that be considered for programs requiring a GMAT?

Certain programs require a specific test, such as the GMAT or GRE, and may not allow an alternative submission. Please contact your Enrollment Advisor for more specifics on this requirement and how it pertains to your program of interest.

Do I need to take the TOEFL?

Students who have completed their undergraduate degree outside of the US may need to take the TOEFL exam. However, many students are eligible for a TOEFL waiver. The TOEFL requirement may be waived for non-native English speakers provided they meet one of the following criteria:

Students earned their undergraduate degree in a country where the official language is English (this does not include degrees from just English-speaking institutions or a country where English is spoken).

Students studied in the United States at an undergraduate level for at least one year or the equivalent of 30 consecutive credit hours.

Students have lived and worked in an English-speaking country for the past two or more years.

Credit Transfers

Can I transfer my credits from another graduate program?

At this time, we do not offer Transfer of Credit for any of our UOnline Master's programs.

If my ungraduated degree was nationally accredited can I be accepted?

The University of Miami only accepts degrees from a Regionally Accredited Institution.

Financial Aid

When will financial aid be awarded and disbursed?

Students may be awarded as soon as they have paid their Enrollment Deposit, completed their Student Readiness Orientation (SRO), and have been registered for their first term. Applicants are encouraged to submit their FAFSA as soon as possible. Disbursement of funds usually takes place 10 days after the start of class, and will only be disbursed to your account if you have all of your official documents submitted, and meet the attendance and participation requirements.

Is financial aid available for certificate programs?

Financial Aid is currently available for the Certificate in Corporate Finance, Certificate in Financial Decision Making, and Certificate in Accounting Practice programs. We have submitted some additional certificate programs to The Department of Education for Financial Aid Eligibility review and hope to hear back by the end of 2017.

Does Financial Aid cover the entire cost of tuition?

Financial Aid consists of unsubsidized loans and Graduate Plus loans. Most of our UOnlinestudents are able to fund their entire degree through unsubsidized loans; however, depending on how close you are to your aggregate limit and which program you choose, you may need to also utilize Graduate Plus Loans. Since each student's situation can be unique, we recommend completing the FAFSA right away so our Enrollment Advisors can answer your specific questions regarding Financial Aid.

How do I get scholarships and grants?

UOnline offers some tuition scholarships that automatically applied and appear as a Graduate Tuition Waiver on your bill each semester. Tuition Scholarships vary per start, program, and may have additional eligibility requirements. We encourage you to search for additional scholarships outside of the university as well. Grants are usually only available to undergraduates.

Can I use Employer Tuition Reimbursement?

We encourage all students to research any available tuition benefits through their employer. Students who choose to utilize tuition benefits through their employer should discuss the details with their HR department to ensure that they comply with their employer's eligibility requirements. Many employers utilize a reimbursement program; however, some employers choose to pay the university directly. Regardless of the method of payment, students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their bill is paid by the deadline or risk being withdrawn for lack of payment.


How do I apply?

Are you ready to start your application? You can apply on our website. If you have additional questions about the admissions process contact one of our enrollment advisors today at 888.317.0439.