Student Spotlight – Julia Annesser, Master of Professional Accounting


Flexibility is key for Julia Annesser. The current CPA student, who works for her family business while raising twins, knows that being able to pivot into a new career or position is crucial, especially for someone with a family.

Annesser graduated from the University of Florida in 2006 with a B.S. in microbiology and cellular science. Then she moved with her family to the Keys, and could not find work in her field. So she pivoted from science to retail. “I started a small store that customized dock equipment and we ended up supplying many products for large marinas in the area,” says Annesser.

When the family moved to Gainesville, she needed to reinvent herself again. She began working for a continuing education company and soon became the vice president of operations. Then came yet another move, and another role: “We moved to Miami and I started to help out in accounting in the family business.”

It was her mother-in-law, a University of Miami alumni, who suggested that Annesser looks into the Master of Professional Accounting program. Unlike some graduate programs, UM’s consider the professional experience in lieu of academic experience in accounting. “Since I don’t have an educational background in accounting I needed a program that was designed for students without one,” says Annesser.

The online format was also a plus for the busy working mom. “After I found the program I spoke to an advisor several times and decided it was a perfect fit,” she says. “I looked at several other programs, but they did not have the same flexibility and pace of UM.”

UOnline's accounting program includes four options that can be tailored to your interests and aspirations. Relevant and rigorous courses prepare you for the CPA exam and/or to earn other accounting certifications.

For those with previous accounting experience, the recommended path is to complete the Accounting Practice Certificate and then either the Master of Professional Accounting (with CPA track) or MBA with Focus Area in Accounting. Those with no previous accounting experience can complete the Accounting Practice Certificate and either the Master of Professional Accounting, MBA with Focus Area in Accounting, or Master of Professional Accounting.

Annesser is happy with the route she chose: Master of Professional Accounting with CPA track, a 40-credit program that can be completed in 20 months. “I really enjoyed the program. I was really impressed with how responsive the professors were and how understanding they were to my own personal circumstances. The professors were really there for you to help you succeed in the classes.”

Next, Annesser will begin studying for the CPA exam. She plans on staying at the family business and stepping in to absorb her mother-in-law’s role when she retires. UOnline’s program has fully prepared Annesser for this next pivot.

“The program is perfect for someone who has a family or full-time job. It offers flexibility, convenience, and support that is invaluable. It is very conducive to a working professional.”

UOnline offers several different options to prepare graduates to break into or grow in the field of accounting. To find out more, speak with an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290, or visit the site for more information.