Student Spotlight – Stephen Bashore, MSED in Sport Administration Alumni

Student Spotlight – Stephen Bashore, MSED in Sport Administration Alumni

Alumnus Stephen Bashore is living proof that being a part of the prestigious University of Miami community does not require you to live in Florida. In fact, Bashore grew up in Oklahoma and still lives there, where he is the general manager of the Buffalo Run Casino and Resort—in the city of Miami, Okla. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Bashore grew up cheering for the University of Miami’s athletic teams and has always considered himself a “Cane at heart". In 1999, he wanted to take correspondence courses through UM, which the school did not offer at the time. But his dream eventually did come true: in May 2016, Bashore earned his Master of Education -Sport Administration, as a member of the first class of UM’s UOnline graduate degree program.

UOnline has opened up new opportunities for graduate students everywhere, who wish to benefit from UM’s well-respected academics and history, but may not be able to attend classes at the Florida campus.

While the convenience of the online degree program was a great fit for a busy professional like Bashore, he believes networking is vitally important, especially in a competitive field like sports. He encourages students to attend conferences such as UM’s annual Sport Industry Conference, to meet industry leaders and make in-person connections.

Bashore emphasizes social media is not a replacement for human interaction. There is no substitute for being yourself and having meaningful personal interactions with your professors, your peers, potential employers,etc., he explains. “Be able to have that mentality and drive to initiate conversations and build those relationships and networking opportunities. That’s my best advice.”

Bashore is also one of the founding members of the University’s new Sport Industry Leadership Council (SILC), the brainchild of Professor Warren A. Whisenant, Chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Bashore says he’s honored to be a graduate of the Sport Administration program and a founding member of SILC. “Being a part of such a highly respected academic and athletic educational institution is truly rewarding.”

Since graduation Bashore has been able to extend his experience as a Sport Administration student into his career. He currently is involved in hosting professional mixed martial arts & televised boxing events and many large concerts at the casino. “The degree has also provided a strong framework for event management (outdoor & indoor concerts) including the financial side and requirements related to events,” says Bashore.

To find out more about the University of Miami’s graduate programs in Sport Administration, speak with an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.