Meet Your Faculty – Susan Mullane, Ph.D., MSED in Sport Administration


The faculty who teach the University of Miami’s online course come from different backgrounds and are experts in vastly different fields. However they all have one key character trait in common: they share a deep sense of responsibility for equipping students with the tools needed to be successful. In a new series of blog posts, we will be putting a spotlight on faculty members from different UOnline graduate programs. Meet Professor Susan Mullane, Ph.D.

From the debate over whether NFL players should be able to kneel during the National Anthem, to who is culpable in the sex abuse scandal that’s rocked USA Gymnastics, ethical issues in sports abound. Clinical Associate Professor Susan Mullane, Ph.D., wants to make sure that students in UOnline’s MSED in Sport Administration program are prepared.

Dr. Mullane is a three-time University of Miami alumna (bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.) and former Associate Dean of Students at UM. As a University of Miami she was also a student athlete (diver) and one of the first female athletes in the country to receive an athletic scholarship. She currently teaches Ethical Decision-Making in Sport (KIN 606), which includes a mixture of theory and practical application.

“Discussion focuses on ethical dilemmas in all areas of traditional sport such as league or high school sports. We want to train and teach our students to go into sport-related professions and be able to handle the plethora of ethical dilemmas they will face.”

While some might think that online students would be isolated from their classmates and professors and miss out on class interaction, Dr. Mullane says that is not the case in her class.

“I find that our discussions in the online program are often more robust than in a classroom setting. It is a great format for sharing ideas and covering a variety of issues. Our online students bring in experiences from around the world and often have a more varied approach to the subject of ethics.”

Dr. Mullane’s areas of expertise include leadership, ethics, and academic integrity, and she has published and presented extensively on these topics. She also was a founding member of the University of Miami’s Ethics Consortium. Perhaps because she has authored so many articles, book chapters, white papers, and presentations, Dr. Mullane makes it her mission to help her students improve their writing.

“I give detailed feedback for every discussion post and every assignment that a student submits. By the end of the program many students tell me that their writing improved throughout the course. I love these students because they want to improve and they want to commit to the course.”

Dr. Mullane also makes a point to go to the on-campus orientations and graduation to meet students face-to-face. “I want my students to know that they will be treated as individuals and receive the same attention that an on-campus student would receive,” she says.

To find out more about the University of Miami’s graduate programs in Sport Administration, speak with an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.