What to Look for When Applying to an Online Program: Program Format

By UOnline News

What to Look for When Applying to an Online Program: Program Format

By UOnline News

There’s a common theme in all of the students UOnline spotlights in our blog. Each student we interview mentions the necessity and appeal of an online degree program that fits into his or her busy life. No other type of program would allow these students to continue working, raising families, serving in the military, or keeping up with all of their other obligations while pursuing an advanced degree.

Justin Kinga former NFL football player and current assistant recruiting coordinator at Penn State have a job that often requires him to work up to 80 hours a week. In order to pursue his master’s degree, he needed a program that would fit into his schedule. Miami’s online MSED –Sport Administration fits the bill.

“In season it gets pretty difficult to balance school and my career. But all of the professors have been willing to work with my schedule and understanding that my work hours are not traditional.”

When evaluating an online program it is important to choose a program with a format that fits your lifestyle.


UOnline’s graduate degree programs are all conducted 100% online. While we invite students to travel to campus for orientation, conferences, or graduation, this is not a requirement.

Classes are also asynchronous, meaning they are not held at a specific time, but rather can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, on any device. This is helpful for students living abroad or in different time zones, who may have difficulty with a program that requires you to be online at a certain time each week.

There are no live lectures, either. All of the media you will need is pre-recorded and accessible online at any time. Print materials can be downloaded so you have them available no matter what your work or travel schedule.

Watch this short video to get a good idea of what to expect from a UOnline course and how our interactive online learning platform works.

Faculty and Student Interaction

Although UOnline has designed a flexible learning platform for its students, it also ensures students do not feel isolated in their studies. UOnline programs are highly interactive and designed to ensure that students are able to take advantage of being in a classroom with both high caliber students and faculty.

Students are given numerous opportunities to interact with their professors and fellow students including, but not limited to, discussions, group projects, and virtual office hours. Students are also encouraged to reach out to each other for support through online social communities setup by UOnline.

To find out more about the University of Miami’s UOnline graduate programs, speak with an enrollment advisor at 800-411-2290 or visit the site for more information.