3 Ways a Data Management and Statistical Analysis Certificate Can Accelerate Your Career

The Data Management and Statistical Analysis (DMSA) Certificate is an online graduate certificate that welcomes its first cohort in Fall 2022.

Applications are now open for UOnline’s Data Management and Statistical Analysis Certificate. Students in this online data program will build critical skills for solving 21st century problems and standing out as data-driven decision-makers and leaders in the workplace. We spoke with Dr. Soyeon Ahn, Professor in the Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (RME) Program at the University of Miami’s School of Education and Human Development, about the critical ways this certificate can transform your career.

Dr. Soyeon Ahn
Dr. Soyeon Ahn

1. Students will gain a deep understanding of complex research methodologies and become data-informed leaders.

The DMSA Certificate was intentionally built to address contemporary societal challenges with data-driven solutions and their proper use. Dr. Ahn notes that "The 21st century has brought a data revolution. Large-scale datasets, the kinds of data large enough to require digital computing for use, and data technologies increasingly impact private and public decision-making and how we interact with the world. Data technologies hold the potential to solve the largest social and scientific problems facing individuals and communities, from healthcare to climate change."

As a result, the program is designed with practical application in mind. With little prior experience or technical skills required to enroll, "Students will build strong foundational and practical skills in quantitative and computational methods that will help collect, analyze, and interpret various types of data for drawing culturally responsible, data-driven decisions for individuals and communities," says Dr. Ahn.

2. Students will obtain actionable skills in highly sought-after programming languages like R, Python, SPSS, and SAS.

Today’s workforce has many opportunities for data analysis roles but finding the right way to build those skills can be a challenge. Whether your goal is to secure a data analyst job or pursue a graduate degree such as a Master’s in Data Science, the DMSA Certificate is a definitive way to prove your knowledge of these important capabilities. Students will learn how to correctly collect, analyze, and interpret big data, in addition to mastery of many advanced programming languages such as R and Python.

"Our program emphasizes the hands-on, practical application of theoretical and technical concepts in quantitative and computational methods. Our goal is to support students to become smart users of these methods and generate responsible, data-driven decisions that help us collectively solve real-world challenges in society," says Dr. Ahn.

3. Students will be well-prepared for a career in multiple sectors or to further pursue graduate education.

As noted by Dr. Ahn, "Our program welcomes anyone who is passionate about the responsible, data-driven decision-making process for addressing societal challenges, with a goal of building a resilient and sustainable society."

With an emphasis on data literacy and solving public challenges, this certificate is applicable in a wide variety of sectors, but especially to those in government, education, social and behavioral sciences, or healthcare. It is also a natural path to further pursuits of graduate education, whether in a master’s or doctoral program, such as UOnline’s Doctor of Education in Applied Learning Sciences.

The practical application of this online certificate - addressing societal challenges based on data and its proper use - is a major differentiator from other online data programs. With our University of Miami faculty, you will learn to make informed decisions with data intelligence, data analytics, and management skills that bring tangible value to your career. Apply now to begin classes this fall.