Governing in the Boardroom

November 12, 2018

By Kendra Parks

"Leading is a responsibility and an obligation," said Ron Williams, on Thursday, November 8, during the latest Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series event.

Williams has served multiple leadership roles over the year: chairman, CEO, committee member, board member, and is now the lead director at American Express. He also focuses on private equity work, as well as some non-profit work.

His many years of experience in various roles has given him insight into what it takes to lead a company.

"What is the CEO’s job?" Williams asked the audience. "I think one of the fundamental things that each CEO is responsible to is to look after stakeholders, broadly speaking, and also shareholders."

"One of the things that gets missed is that the CEO’s job isn’t to build a company, it’s to build a team. A good CEO produces this kind of result, and then when they leave, the company goes on, and continues to have very significant financial success."

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