Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

COVID reenergizes Miami Herbert’s connection with Latin America and the Caribbean

Miami Herbert is building upon its 2020 momentum to further strengthen relationships and connectivity with partners across the region and globally.


Thought Leadership

Digitalization of education in the early innings

Christopher Paucek, co-founder of the firm 2U, touted the potential of technology to expand the reach of pedagogy and promote lifelong learning opportunities.


Thought Leadership

Airline president highlights adaptability, safety

In a conversation with John Quelch, dean of the Miami Herbert Business School—as part of the Virtual Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series—American Airlines president Robert Isom said the airline industry is rebuilding for the better and that it is more efficient and responsive to its customers.


Thought Leadership

Addressing the outlook of the global economy and financial markets with the Dominican Republic business sector

Miami Herbert Business School and the U.S. Embassy in Dominican Republic partnered in a higher education webinar to provide an in-depth look at current financial markets and trends.