Jeffrey Sachs Endorses MBS's Master in Sustainable Business

March 14, 2019

By Robert Wagenseil

As momentum builds for the August 2019 launch of the new Master of Science in Sustainable Business program at Miami Business School, the STEM-designated program received an enthusiastic endorsement from Jeffrey Sachs during last week’s edition of Southern Glazers’ Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series. Despite a cancelled flight preventing his arrival in Miami, Sachs delivered his endorsement during his Distinguished Leaders Lecture via video conference call to a packed Storer Auditorium.

The world-renowned professor of economics, leader in sustainable development and senior UN adviser began his lecture with a dismal forecast for the future, despite vast global economic growth. To address the numerous externalities that are fueling climate change, poverty, and inequality, Sachs discusses 13 Sustainable Development Goals that will ensure environmental sustainability and promote prosperity. These include:

  1. Health and well-being for all
  2. Education and decent jobs for all
  3. All-clean energy by 2050
  4. Sustainable land use
  5. Sustainable cities
  6. Digital economy and governance

At the conclusion of the lecture, Sachs voiced his endorsement for MBS's new Master in Sustainable Business, which begins this August. Pointing to Miami's position as the geographic epicenter of the impact of climate change, he argued that MBS is uniquely positioned to graduate the next generation of business leaders who will be advocates for sustainability.

"Sustainability is the road to happiness, longer lives and healthier democracies," he said.

"When you teach Sustainable Business in your new master’s program, you’re going to be empowering the really successful businesses of the future. They’re going to want to go that way because that’s the way markets and regulation are going to be pushing us.”

Want to see more? Click here to watch the whole lecture.

Southern Glazer’s Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series at Miami Business School brings students, alumni and other members of the UM community together with top business leaders throughout the year. For more information and a complete schedule of upcoming special guest lectures, click here.

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