MBS Welcomes Eight New Professors at the Start of 2019-20 Academic Year

August 16, 2019

By Robert Wagenseil

As Miami Business School kicks of the 2019-2020 academic year, the School welcomes eight new professors to its faculty, along with 16 new lecturers. The addition of these professors at MBS expands the wealth of knowledge, diversity and thought leadership in both practice and research in areas including finance, business law, management science, accounting and business technology.

Paul BorochinPaul Borochin joins Miami Business School as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the area of Finance. His research draws on information from the public markets to provide quantitative insights on future equity and option performance, identify expected payoffs from corporate events and predict policy decisions. He also studies the effects of institutional ownership and common ownership linkages between firms across different types of institutional owners identified by their investment objectives.

Francisco DelgadoFrancisco Delgado, joins MBS as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the area of Finance. He tries to bring to the classroom a "combination of sound theoretical foundations along with a wealth of practical experience acquired during two decades of asset and wealth management experience." Delgado investigates the performance of asset managers to determine whether they offer value to clients. This performance evaluation is done considering where the manager actually invests, not what they say they invest in.

DelrigoAlissa Del Riego will begin her role as Assistant Professor of Business Law at MBS in spring 2020. Her research interests focus on examining the role of class litigation as a means of regulating and curtailing unethical and unsavory business practices that affect both consumers and socially responsible competitors, including exploring innovative mechanisms within the class and multidistrict litigation framework that promote corporate responsibility. Her goal as a professor is to challenge  students "to not only be fluent in the material, but also to think critically about it, explore it, and question it."

YoncaYonca Ertimur joins Miami Business School as Professor of Accounting. Her expertise is on the effectiveness of direct monitoring by shareholders as a corporate governance mechanism. Her research focuses on direct expressions of shareholder voice through non-binding governance related shareholder proposals, vote-no campaigns and shareholder votes at annual meetings. She emphasizes fundamentals understood through real world applications, strives to create a motivating and collaborative learning environment and views continuous improvement as a key aspect of teaching.

OlaOla Henfridsson joins MBS as a Professor of Business Technology. His research and teaching interests relate to the transformative potential of digital technology in today’s business and society. In particular, he pursues research in areas such as digital innovation, platform ecosystems, and business applications of artificial intelligence.

Alex NiemeyerAlex Niemeyer joins the department of Management Science as Associate Professor of Professional Practice after 22-years of consulting Fortune 500 companies at McKinsey & Company, The former Senior Partner is passionate about enabling students to succeed and become leaders in the business world. He does so by teaching them through direct apprenticeship in building problem-solving skills and applying them to real-world problems, whether from his experience or working with Florida corporations through Action Projects. His interests include applying analytics and data science methodologies to drive real value, not just cool concepts. 

Jigar PatelJigar Patel joins MBS as Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the area of Management Science. He is interested in analytics, revenue management, and game theory. His teaching philosophy is learning by problem solving. He believes that the ability to quickly analyze complex problems and solve them analytically with tangible results is an imperative skill for business education.

Lan Wang joins MBS as Professor of Management Science. Her research focus covers three interrelated areas: optimal personalized decision recommendations, quantile regression, and high-dimensional statistical learning. Most of her work has been driven by applications in different disciplines, including healthcare, economics, engineering, finance and sociology. She is interested in developing useful statistical methodology with both practical utility and theoretical guarantees for performance.


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