Shareef Malnik On His Return To The University Of Miami’s Herbert School Of Business To Reimagine His Life And Business Moving Forward

February 21, 2020

by Paige Mastrandrea

Heading back to school is an understatement as Miami’s avid philanthropist and successful entrepreneur Shareef Malnik returns to his alma mater at the University of Miami—this time, to the Miami Herbert Business School’s Miami Global Executive MBA program. While from the outside, it may look like the last thing that Malnik needs is to go back to school—he already has two degrees from UM under his belt—and some may not fathom how he could possibly make the time for it.

“If you’re looking for a program that’s going to change your life and your business life, and that’s going to take you to the next level so that you can actually apply what you learn to what you know and what you’re doing, this is the program for you."

In between running two businesses, he serves as the Chairman Emeritus of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. But if you know Malnik, it’s easy to understand how—he never accepts what’s easy, and rather, continues to push himself to work harder, learn more and accomplish the impossible.

“I have a motto that if it’s humanly possible, I know I can do it. And there’s a lot more that’s possible than we think,” Malnik shares as we chat outside the University’s Business School.

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