"Digital literacy is the ability to aggregate, analyze, synthesize and communicate data using technology tools and sources" (Stafford, 2015). The current status of digital literacy shows that students are not receiving an education in an enhanced technology learning environment and that workplace digital literacy is a problem for designers of professional instruction (Jackson, 2013; Leffler, 2015; Milloy, 2015).


Professional Advancement Programs

Yes, Girls Do Code—and Bianca Salomon is Making a Career Proving It

As a fashion designer, Bianca Salomon was building an e-commerce website for her new clothing line. She found the CMS she was working with pretty limiting—and wanted to learn more.


Professional Advancement Programs

New Building Efficiency Program Launched at University of Miami with Local Sustainability Leaders

Industry professionals will learn practices to reduce energy and water use, cut down on waste, and make buildings healthier and safer for occupants.



New director named for University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Magda Vergara plans to bring new students to the institute and increase its presence in the community.

Distance Learning Institute

Open-ended Problem Learning

Often referred to as problem-based learning, this narrative technique is a student-centred approach that either groups or individuals can perform. The focus of the instruction requires learners to solve an open-ended problem using what they already know, as well as their newly-acquired knowledge, about a new topic.


Distance Learning Institute

A Creative Education Avenue for Microlearning

Although microlearning has been referred to as an emergent learning strategy that is ideal for filling knowledge gaps or providing a burst of instruction for a needed skill in a timely manner, one might propose that microlearning is not emergent (Shank, 2018). It is rather the repackaging of prior learning concepts with a sexier name than some of its predecessors, such as ‘learning objects’ and ‘chunking’. Looking beyond the hype of the microlearning moniker, it is important to define what type of learning the instructional designers are working to achieve.