How can I motivate my students to not just do the work, but to care about their learning and engage in my course?


Professional Advancement Programs

University dives into the esports academic arena

A new University of Miami certificate program will introduce participants to the burgeoning industry around competitive video games.

Distance Learning Institute

The power of video

Lights. Camera. Lecture. Well, maybe not the lights...and you might not even need a camera. But “lecture”... that’s where the action is!


Distance Learning Institute

Benefits of video exams and quizzes

Academic stress is not a new phenomenon in college. High-stakes exams and other assessment tools can exacerbate a student’s level of anxiety and discomfort resulting in underperformance and low pass rates.


Summer Scholars Program

Native American chosen for Student Government judicial branch

Dallas Bennett, a former Summer Scholars Program participant, was recently selected Student Government Supreme Court Associate Justice. He aims to set an example for the younger generation on his reservation and is working to make education at the University of Miami more accessible for other indigenous people.