Dean Fox on the future of higher education

The Division’s dean met with University of Miami leaders and Capital Analytics to discuss how UM is bridging learning gaps and preparing for the future landscape of higher education.
Dean Fox on the future of higher education

Dean Rebecca MacMillan Fox, along with other leaders at the University of Miami, participated in a roundtable discussion with Capital Analytics, an integrated media platform focused on in-depth business and economics analysis.

When asked why it is important universities offer continuing education opportunities, like what the Division of Continuing and International Education provides, Fox explained that universities have a responsibility to their community and that their impact on the local economy cannot be ignored.

“Divisions of continuing education are the future of higher education,” said Fox. “We amplify, diversify, and make relevant much of the education going on within the closed space of the University, and we make it open.”

Along with Fox, John Quelch, dean of the University of Miami Herbert Business School participated in the discussion and was asked about the recovery of higher education post-covid. Quelch believes the University community will be strong and endure personal inconvenience for the common good.

To hear from additional University leaders that took part in the roundtable, as well as a deep dive interview with UM President Julio Frenk, read the 2020 digital issue of Capital Analytics’ Invest: Miami.