Getting ahead with Summer Sessions at the U

Summer programs and courses at the University of Miami can help students earn credit to get closer to graduation, enable employees to enhance their professional skills, and help high school students prepare for college.
Getting ahead with Summer Sessions at the U

University of Miami students who may need to make up a few credits toward graduation or University employees looking to beef up their resumes with a professional certificate or two have many options to continue their education this summer.

The University’s Summer 2023 programs and courses, offered online and in person, are specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility for students of all ages and at all levels in their educational journeys.

“Whether you plan to spend your summer building skills critical to advancing your career, taking online courses for credit toward graduation, or exploring a new language, our Summer Sessions help students stay on track,’’ said Rebecca MacMillan Fox, who oversees the University’s Division of Continuing and International Education (DCIE) and UOnline.

Many summer programs are open to both current University of Miami students, as well as students from other universities who may be visiting Miami for the summer. For University of Miami employees, many of the programs are covered, in full or in part, by the University’s Tuition Remission benefit, which can also be applied to dependents.

Below are highlights of the options offered this Summer. Details on tuition and registration requirements can be found in the Summer 2023 Programs and Course Sessions catalogue.

Online Summer Classes: With courses ranging from The Superhuman Mind (PHI 109) and The Color of God (REL 358) to Miami Writers, (ENG LIT 210) American Sign Language (TAL 107) and the Philosophy of Love (PHI 339), students have no shortage of compelling topics to consider for their summer focus. The flexible online format allows students to remotely access a wide variety of courses taught by University faculty, no matter where they plan to spend their summer.

Summer Intersessions: These short-term credit courses can help students get to graduation more quickly or simply take advantage of the flexibility of an online format over a concentrated period of time. Courses run from May 15 to May 30 and again from June 26 to July 11. They focus on top-of-mind issues such as Climate Change and Public Health (GEG348 and GEG 648) or Congressional Representation (POL 547), as well as more whimsical offerings like The Vampire in Folklore, Fiction and Film (CLA 325).

Credit Certificate Programs: These programs deliver concentrated knowledge and skills needed for career advancement in a specific area. For Summer, the Certificate in Business Technology (formerly Computer Systems) is being offered in collaboration with the Department of Computer Information Systems. The program focuses on technical skills needed to stay competitive in this challenging field.

Professional Certificate Programs: With highly marketable career focuses like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sports Medicine, Medical Billing and Coding, and Project Management, the professional certificate programs offered by the University’s Office of Professional Advancement provide working professionals with the skills critical to their advancement without having to leave the workforce.

Intensive Language Institute: A variety of intensive language programs, including Medical Spanish for healthcare professionals, and English for graduate students in Business Studies or Engineering Studies are open for the summer. The courses are designed for both professionals seeking to improve their language skills and for international students who need to improve their language skills specifically to meet the rigors of a graduate school environment.

Pre-College: High school students can get fun, hands-on experience with their academic passions this summer – from shark tagging to conducting mock trials or creating content in a digital studio - while gaining college experience, all before graduating from high school. The University of Miami Pre-College Program offers both credit and non-credit programs for high school students, helping them gain confidence in their ability to succeed in college.

Bachelor of General Studies: Although registration for Summer Sessions has closed, the Bachelor of General Studies Program is accepting applications for Fall 2023 through July 7. This program combines flexible scheduling, significantly discounted tuition, and customized learning options to help adult learners complete their undergraduate degrees. Online and in-person courses, as well as evening and weekend classes, are available. This program is eligible for employee Tuition Remission benefits.

Division of Continuing and International Education
Division of Continuing and International Education