Second-year Law Student Pursues Interest in Technology Law

Nestor Camacho has been interning as a corporate legal intern at Wizeline, a Mexican global technology services company.
Second-year Law Student Pursues Interest in Technology Law
2L Nestor Camacho

2L Nestor Camacho has taken advantage of his time at Miami Law School. Camacho came to Miami, hoping for opportunities to work with the Latin American teams of large companies. Utilizing the Office of Career and Professional Development, Camacho has done just this, interning remotely at Wizeline, a global technology services company based in Mexico.

As an in-house corporate legal intern, Camacho assists Wizeline’s attorneys in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia in issues related to employment and tax law, data privacy, and business compliance. He has worked on non-solicit agreements, translated legal documents, and performed legal research to ensure compliance with labor laws in various countries where Wizeline’s clients are based.

Camacho was born and raised in South Houston, Texas, by parents from Rancho Nuevo, a small village in Mexico. He graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in Spanish. After graduation, he worked a job in marketing, becoming familiar with data privacy policies and regulations. Through these experiences, Camacho realized there was a need for lawyers who understood privacy law. Thus, while working full time, he began to study for the LSAT and apply to law schools.

Now, at Miami Law, Camacho is the Hispanic National Bar Association representative for the Hispanic Law Students Association. This past fall, he represented Miami Law’s Hispanic Law Students Association in Washington, D.C., where he met and spoke with attorneys in the tech industry. Camacho also serves as the secretary for the Disabled Law Students Association, connecting students with available resources and providing education about ableism and how to be a better ally to the disabled community.

Camacho has enjoyed interning at Wizeline, using his background in marketing and his native Spanish skills in a new context. He has also enjoyed the flexibility of an in-house position. He says, “When I show interest in a specific project, whether that’s NDAs or Employment matters, the team allows me to be a part of the project.”

Camacho says the most rewarding part of his internship has been working with attorneys in Latin America to ensure data privacy policies comply with Colombian federal privacy law. He hopes this experience will prepare him for his legal career post-graduation if the United States ever sets national data privacy standards.

This opportunity would not be possible without Miami Law’s resources. Camacho’s internship has reassured him that he made the right decision when pivoting from his previous career path. Due to his experience at Wizeline, Camcho hopes to find a job in-house at a tech company after graduation.

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