A life learner finds his niche in renewable energy

John Czelusniak, an entrepreneur since high school, has made his way to top-level marketing positions by identifying his weaknesses and proactively closing the gaps—and by tackling the newest technologies.



Your neighborhood butcher

Meet alumnus Luis Mata, CEO of Meat N’ Bone, a purveyor of fine proteins, powered by tech that delivers right to your door.



Alumnus appointed deputy chair of IAASB

When his parents immigrated from Taiwan to Florida in the 1970s, double ’Cane Len Jui, knew immediately, that he would be applying to the University of Miami.



Chicken parmesan for the soul: Cooking with alumnus Dr. Morizio

Forget chicken soup for the soul, Miami Herbert alumnus Dr. Alex Morizio ’15 is cooking up chicken parmesan for the soul. Maurizio is an ICU doctor by day, but by night he is an Instagram chef who also serves laughter, good music, and positivity.