Five Minutes With...Evan De Joya

Five Minutes With...Evan De Joya

By Dale

Five Minutes With...Evan De Joya

By Dale
Meet Evan De Joya '19, Student Government president and biology and geography double major!
How are you getting ready for the Fall 2018 semester?

In short, a lot of preparation and planning for the upcoming year! Throughout the summer, we’ve been working to implement some of our initiatives before the beginning of the fall semester. Some of the changes have already been made on campus, such as the improved lighting in the parking lots, and free feminine hygiene product dispensers in female and gender-neutral campus bathrooms.

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…has made me into who I am today!

Do you have an idol? If yes, who are they?

My idol is my longtime professor and mentor in the Department of Geography and Regional Studies, Dr. Imelda Moise. Beyond her accomplishments, she loves what she does, and is incredibly dedicated to her students and her work. She stands her ground, sticks to her principles, and inspires me to be the best that I can be. 

What is on your bookshelf right now?

A lot of the books I have on my shelf are from the classes I’ve taken here at UM. I also have a tank of betta fish given to me by my best friend!

Do you have any study hacks you swear by?

I love using web-based flashcards to study. I find it really helpful to go through the lecture slides after each class and make them. I’ve also found it helpful to study with a friend and talk through the material, explaining things to each other.

What drew you to run for Student Government (SG) president? 

The decision to run for president was really the culmination of all of my experiences in SG. I knew that there were changes that I wanted to see happen at the University, and my time in SG made me feel empowered to make them happen alongside our team.


SG President Evan De Joya

When did you become a part of SG at UM?

I started off in Student Government my first year at UM as a member of the Freshman Leadership Council, and I’ve been involved with SG ever since!

What was the seven-point concept-based platform you ran on?

While our platform included concrete goals (the what) we felt it was important to convey the why. So we came up with seven broad concepts that encompassed our goals, and that will drive our team’s actions this year. They are An Accessible Campus, A Safe College Experience, Student-Tailored Health Resources, An Enriched Dining Experience, An Approachable and Transparent Student Government, An Equitable Education, and A Collaborative University Community. Our website ( goes into more detail on what we hope to accomplish.

What do you think made students vote for you?

I think that our main appeal to the student body was our interest in improving our organization’s transparency and increasing our outreach to students. We know that for students to get involved, they need to know what is going on. In the context of our campaign, that meant telling people what we wanted to do, and how we were going to do it.

Can you share some of the initiatives you plan to roll out?

One of the initiatives that we’re especially excited about is the Discussion Series. We will be bringing in prominent speakers to have discussions with students about relevant topics.

How would you define your leadership style?

I would say my leadership style is largely based on listening. I find that within my team, I have a lot of outgoing personalities. So, as a leader, I try to listen to and incorporate everyone’s feedback when making decisions.

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

In five years, I will have graduated from medical school, and be starting my residency—hopefully in Miami.