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Coping with Admission Decisions

By Iris Florez and Jenny Antonelli

Coping with Admission Decisions

By Iris Florez and Jenny Antonelli
Decision Day has come and gone, but many of you likely still have your admission decisions from different colleges weighing on your minds. Whatever those decisions were, Admission Counselors Iris Florez and Jenny Antonelli have some words of advice for what to do next.

Do your best to visit.

If you've been admitted, have you visited the school? Websites and brochures are helpful but being on campus will give you an unmatched sense of how it feels to walk the campus, live in their residential college, and eat in their dining hall. Do you feel comfortable on campus? Do you see yourself becoming part of the community? Ask yourself these questions to make sure it the right fit for you. Can’t make it? Take a virtual tour.

Don’t compare yourself to your friends.

Whatever the decision, remember that schools look for different attributes in applicants, so you shouldn't compare yourself with anyone! You might "think" that you had the same application, but remember that no two students are alike. Each applicant brings something different to the table. Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that go into an admission committee’s decision. 

Stay positive and have a plan of action.

Rejection is a fact of life. Remember that the school is not denying you—the person—but rather your application. Often, this decision can crush your dreams, your self-esteem, and even affect your mental health. Take control and don’t let a decision define who you are. You should know that a denial is not a “no” forever, but rather a “no” for now. There is still the possibility of transferring in the future if you determine that is the place you are meant to be. Although a door may have just closed, there is still a window!

There is a school for everyone.

Whether you end up at the University of Miami or somewhere else, we firmly believe every student will find the right-fit college. No matter where you end up, you should get involved. Join clubs and organizations. Colleges have so much to offer, and it’s up to you to take advantage of those opportunities. This will help you find your niche and create a name for yourself on your campus, while developing friendships and leaving your mark on your institution along the way.

Once you decide where to go, don’t forget our biggest piece of advice: College is all about what you make of it, no matter where you end up. So don't fret; you will soon find yourself calling your school “home.” The next four years will be the most memorable and most monumental and will be the place you will make some of your favorite memories in life. You want to make this experience the best experience. Trust the process, don’t rush the process, but most importantly, enjoy the process because you won’t get it back, and it will go quicker than you think.


Iris Florez is the Senior Assistant Director of Admission at the University of Miami.

Jenny Antonelli is the Assistant Director of Admission at the University of Miami.