2020 Spring Involvement Fair Recap

By Joseph Dellostritto

2020 Spring Involvement Fair Recap

By Joseph Dellostritto
The campus is busy. Students walk to and from class. A cool breeze rustles the trees, and Coral Gables sits at a beautiful 78 degrees. A perfect day for UM’s Spring Involvement Fair.

The University of Miami is known for having opportunities galore, and they’re (almost) all up for grabs at the Spring Involvement Fair – from the debate table crowded with trophies…

…to Ultimate Frisbee.

The Miami Hurricane (Miami’s student-led newspaper) is set up right next to Distraction (Miami’s student-led magazine). Competition is fierce.

Across the way sits the Student Government table, next to tables promoting both the Democratic Party and the Trump administration.

Students snake around the rows of tables, looking for a club that’s screaming their name. Music echoes from speakers at the end of the Foote Green, and organizations mark their territories with large signs and waving flags.

“This organization is all about bringing light to a different narrative on what Israel represents,” says Rohama Bruk, co-vice president of Canes for Israel. “We welcome people of all religions who are curious about Israel, in order to show students that Israel doesn’t revolve around conflict.”

Matthew Rembold is the chair of Cinematic Arts Commission for Hurricane Productions, an organization that hosts free concerts, screenings, and several different events on campus. Rembold shared how he gets the word out about these offerings, “We market for our events in a variety of ways. We post on social media, we put on special events with the school to promote screenings, we hand out fliers. We do it all!”

The hardest part about the Spring Involvement Fair was leaving. With hundreds of clubs and opportunities, UM sets students up for success right on campus. Everyone is encouraged to sign up and get involved!