Top Reasons to Apply Early for Admission

By Undergraduate Admission

Top Reasons to Apply Early for Admission

By Undergraduate Admission
At the University of Miami, we have two admission plans through which you can apply early, by November 1: Early Decision I (EDI) and Early Action (EA).

Are you considering one of these options? Let’s run through the top reasons to apply early:

Applying early is a great way to show your interest in a school.

It shows that you’ve made applying to that university a priority. EDI, in particular, shows the greatest level of interest because it’s also binding, meaning EDI applicants commit to attending the University if admitted.

Remember, you should only apply EDI (or EDII, for that matter) if you are ready to commit to UM without comparing financial aid packages AND enrollment is not contingent on receiving any merit-based scholarships. You can read my post Early Decision Demystified for more details.

Early applicants are considered for our premier scholarships.

While all applicants are considered for scholarships, only those who apply by the November 1 deadline are considered for our premier scholarships, which cover full tuition or even the full cost of attendance

You will get your admission decision earlier than most applicants and will be done with the college application process sooner.

EDI applicants will hear from us in mid/late December; EA applicants in late January/early February.

If your admission decision is positive, applying early will give you more time to get involved in your community, household, school, work, etc. You will also be able to really enjoy your senior year without college applications and decisions hanging over your head. Think about prom, or the 100-day celebration, or other special traditions at your school without that stress!

If your admission decision isn’t what you were hoping for, you will have time to explore other college/university options.

…And you can take your time planning your first semester on campus!

Once you’ve committed to a school, you can focus on learning more about your program of study, find clubs and organizations that you will want to participate in, start thinking about how you’ll decorate your room, and connecting with other new students. Many students find their roommate this way, and having a network of friends even before you arrive on campus makes your transition that much smoother.

If you have any questions about applying early, don’t hesitate to contact your admission counselor!