Demonstrated Interest at the U, Explained

Demonstrated Interest at the U, Explained

By Amanda Anderson

Demonstrated Interest at the U, Explained

By Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson, Executive Director of Undergraduate Admission, breaks down how demonstrated engagement factors into the admission process.

Let’s play pretend for a moment. 3-2-1…congratulations! You’re the newest admission officer at the University of Miami, ready and excited to read your first Common Application from a high school student applying for this fall. You diligently, holistically review the application: the overall GPA, curriculum, grade trends, testing (if submitted), extracurriculars, essays. Now try to tell how interested the student is in your school. At the end of the day, you naturally want to offer admission to a student who would actually attend, right? Are you wondering if this a true future ’Cane? Or, at the very least, are they authentically curious about the University of Miami?

That’s where demonstrated interest comes in.
 Or, as I like to refer to it, showcasing your level of engagement.

Surely demonstrated interest is something that isn’t as easily communicated in an application. Or is it? To indicate your interest in the University of Miami, you may want to start here:

Apply early

“Early,” at the U, means choosing an early admission plan (Early Decision or Early Action). In applying early, you are showing our admission committee that your interest is there.


In full transparency, I’m currently writing this blog while sitting at my kitchen table (otherwise known as my fancy office over these last few months). In the time of COVID-19, visiting looks a little different. Therefore, we understand the need to substitute a plane or a road trip for a laptop. If in-person visits aren’t an option as you read this, or if you are unable to physically join us for any reason…not to worry. Visit us via our Virtual Information Sessions and Virtual Tour.


You’ll notice that we try to stay in touch with you. I know the emails may seem daunting at times, but I promise they have a purpose. Engage with the content we send you and communicate right on back.

Now, that isn’t to say that you should email your admission counselor every day or click on a link we send you dozens of times without any reason just “to demonstrate that I’m interested.” In my career, I’ve always advised applicants to be two things: purposeful and intentional. Do you have a question? Ask it! Do you need a bit more of a dialogue to get your questions answered? Schedule a phone chat. Do you simply love the email we sent you about getting involved on campus and want to hang onto it? Awesome! “Flag” it and revisit throughout your search.

Now join me in making it your motto. “Purposeful and intentional!” There you go!

Sign up for a high school visit or fair

Engaging with your admission counselor is so important in ensuring you get an authentic feel of what life at the University of Miami is like and in fully understanding the admission process. Connect with our office at a high school visit or a college fair (virtually or otherwise) and make sure to stash your admission counselor’s name away for further questions. They’ll be the lucky one to read your file should you choose to apply.

First choice?

Are you currently envisioning yourself walking through the streets of Coral Gables? Do you already own way too much orange, green, and white? Dreaming of the fireworks that light our skies every Homecoming? If so, feel free to articulate to us that we’re your first choice.

But how do we use demonstrated interest at the U?

For this 2021 cycle, we refer to demonstrated engagement when reviewing applications that have been deferred to the Regular Decision pool from Early Decision or Early Action. We also use it when reviewing the waitlist.

To summarize, whether an institution calls it “demonstrated interest,” “showcasing your level of engagement,” or some mix of it all, universities are interested in knowing that you’ve done your research and are truly interested. We promise to return the favor in the application process; we’re anxiously awaiting the opportunity to learn all about you as well.  

P.S.: A little tip. Whenever possible, use the same email address throughout your application experience. This allows us to follow your UM journey a bit easier, every step of the way.