Essay Writing Tips from Charles Cammack

Director of Recruitment Charles Cammack offers the 3 E's to essay success. Whether you're working on your Common App and supplemental essays, or just looking for some tips, see what can help improve your writing.
Students working in library.

Here are three quick things that we all should strive for to improve our writing; check them out below:


If you had to choose between writing an essay or giving a speech, which would you choose? Or maybe you would rather play a musical piece, play a sport or even perform a dance? Whether you recognize it or not, you are communicating in some way, shape, or form through these activities.

Just because you have convinced yourself that you’re not a good writer or maybe you just don’t enjoy it, does not mean you have a lack of communication skills. The effectiveness of your essay writing might come more naturally if you first identify your best form of communication and then translate what you are communicating in that form to words on the page.


Remember when you needed to explain to the person at the store or at the random gas station that you needed directions to the bathroom? You were specific and straight to the point. The individual knew exactly what you were trying to communicate. Using more words does not always make your story stronger.

So now, imagine that the people who are reading your essay only have a limited amount of time to do so; how can you help them get to the “bathroom” sooner?


Your unique story and perspective are enough. You are enough. I know it is tempting to try to figure out what the college or university wants to hear, but the fit will come with the institution that identifies and appreciates who you are as much as you appreciate who they are. Write your essay as you and for you.

I could absolutely say more, but that wouldn’t be efficient, now would it? Feel free to write me anytime if you are looking for a little more guidance!