Education and Human Development

Education and Human Development

Phoenix science teacher takes unique approach to teaching with music

Thrilled to see our student, John Carlo - doctoral student in the Applied Learning Sciences program - recently honored as Science Teacher of the Year - featured in the news!


Education and Human Development

SEHD Holiday Message

Dean of the School of Education and Human Development, gives a glimpse into her views on the holiday season during COVID-19.


Education and Human Development

Connecting Happiness, Fairness and Social Justice

Isaac Prilleltensky believes there is a strong connection between happiness, fairness, and social justice on a national level. “People who live in countries that promote greater social justice tend to be happier,” said Prilleltensky, professor, Department of Educational and Psychological Studies; vice provost for institutional culture; and the Erwin and Barbara Mautner Chair in Community Well-Being in the School of Education and Human Development.


Education and Human Development

Identifying Strategies to Reduce Inequalities in STEM Education

Investing in early childhood education, offering hands-on classroom learning, and providing diverse role models are among the ways educators can encourage underrepresented students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).