Driven Foreign Lawyer Studies Legal English + LLM + JD = Bar Exam & Practice in USA

Picture of Indira Agrenot

Indira Agrenot

Indira Agrenot is driven. As a foreign-trained lawyer, born and raised in Cuba, it takes commitment to come to the U.S., study Intensive Legal English plus an LL.M. degree, decide to then transfer to the J.D. program and subsequently set one’s sights on sitting for a U.S. Bar exam.

But Agrenot has done just that.

Successful Lawyer in Cuba 

After graduating from the University of Havana law school in 2009, Agrenot worked at a Real Estate Registry in Havana where she verified the validity of certificates, contracts, and the registration of all residential and commercial property titles.

Agrenot did so well at the Registry that she was chosen by Cuba’s Ministry of Justice of Cuba to lead the first group of lawyers to automatize the registration process of all property titles in the Real Estate Registries at a national level.

Sights Set on Studying Law in U.S.

Agrenot had always dreamed of being a lawyer in the U.S. She says, “When I came to the U.S., I was convinced that this was my second chance to pursue my dream of being a lawyer in this country but in a whole new way.”

Luckily Miami Law offers a program ideal for someone like Argenot – Intensive Legal English + LL.M. She concurs, “What could be a better institution than the University of Miami and the LL.M. in International Law Program to make my dream come true?

“Thus, the Intensive Legal English + LL.M. was the program I was looking for to improve my language skills and continue a successful path through law school.”
Ideal Program - Intensive Legal English + LL.M. 

Agrenot wants other international lawyers like her to understand that a language barrier does not have to stop you from reaching your dream. “I hope my story is an inspiration to fellow foreign attorneys that are considering joining this program that with hard work and effort you can accomplish your goals.”

She adds that there were “amazing people behind the program” that were particularly helpful to her including Director Carmen Perez Llorca, Associate Director Yasminat Assis and Professor of Legal Writing K. Renee Schimkat.

Decision to Transfer to the J.D. Program

Not wanting to be limited to practicing federal law in Florida, Agrenot decided after starting her LL.M. to transfer to Miami Law’s J.D. program, enabling her to take the Florida Bar Exam and “choose what area of law I want to specialize in.”

Helpful to Agrenot is Miami Law’s policy of possibly awarding up to twenty-nine advanced standing credits for their foreign legal studies based on a review of an applicant’s J.D. application file.

Enthusiasm for Business Law

Once in the J.D. program Agrenot took advantage of the range of courses offered. One program that had a particular influence on her was the Startup Clinic in which law students help entrepreneurs with legal issues that arise as they launch their new businesses.

“Being part of the Startup Practicum directed by Daniel Ravicher was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to a whole new area of law because it gave me the opportunity to work with new ventures in need of legal assistance," says Agrenot.

Ravicher also saw how the practicum benefitted Agrenot. “As an experienced foreign lawyer with the highest of intellect and integrity, Indira came to Miami Law to expand her legal knowledge and enhance her career opportunities.

“She is a shining example of what our outstanding international student body can accomplish here at Miami Law, many of who, like Indira, come not just to learn U.S. law but start a career here practicing it."

Exciting Eye on Her Future

After completing her J.D., Agrenot plans to pass the Florida Bar Exam and pursue a career as a lawyer in the business field.

She is also very excited and grateful, along with her husband, to be expecting their first child in early October.

Agrenot’s professional and personal life have certainly come full circle while at Miami Law, and she echoes this sentiment.

“This is truly the best year of my life!”

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