Miami Law Faculty Prove Dedicated to AALS Involvement, in Present and Past

Miami Law Faculty

The Miami Law faculty played a significant role in the 2021 American Association of Law Schools’ annual meeting, but its involvement does not stop there. The late Soia Mentschikoff became the first female President of AALS in 1974, when she was Dean of the University of Miami School of Law, and Miami Law’s faculty and administration have always been involved in the life of AALS.

Clinical faculty including Athony Alfieri, Tamar Ezer, Denisse Cordova Montes, Bernard Perlmutter, Rebecca Sharpless, and Kele Stewart presented at the clinical law section meeting in spring 2021.

In addition: 

  • William W. Bratton, de la Cruz/Mentschikoff Chair in Law and Economics and Senior Lecturer, has served as a member of the Audit Committee of the AALS since 2015, and in the past has done three terms on the board of the Business Associations section, (1990-1993), (1999-2003), (2005-2008), and a term on the board of the Socio-Economics section, (1996-1999). 
  • Kathleen Claussen, Associate Professor of Law, served as Section on North American Cooperation, Executive Committee member (2018-2019). She also presented as an invited speaker at both AALS Annual Meetings 2018 and 2019 and her proposed discussion group was one of 9 selected to be convened for the AALS Annual Meeting 2020 (topic was Changing Concepts of International Economic Security in the Law). In addition, she has twice presented at an AALS Alternative Dispute Resolution Works-in-Progress conference in 2017 at Arizona State and in 2018 at the University of Maryland. 
  • Charlton Copeland, Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar, currently sits on the Recruitment & Retention of Minority Faculty and Students Committee and has served as Chair of the Law & Humanities Section (2012) and sat on the Executive Committee of the Federal Courts Section (2012-2015).  
  • Caroline Mala Corbin, Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar, has served on the AALS Law & Religion Section in various capacities: Nominating Committee (Fall 2015–Spring 2016) and (Spring 2011–Fall 2012); as Co-Chair, Nominating Committee (Spring 2012–Fall 2012); Co-Chair, Programming Committee (Spring 2010–Fall 2011); and on the Programming Committee (Spring 2009–Fall 2010).  
  • Michael Froomkin, Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein Distinguished Professor of Law, served as Chair of the AALS Section on Law & Computers. 
  • Elizabeth M. Iglesias, Professor of Law, is the immediate past-chair and current member of the executive board of the Civil Rights Section. She was the chair in 2020, and as such established a working group on civil rights in a time of corona virus, out of which she organized a conference on defending and promoting civil rights in a time of coronavirus. Papers from that conference will be published this year in Miami Law's Race and Social Justice Law Review, including her own paper on Trump's Insurrection. Iglesias is currently the treasurer of the Comparative Law Section of the AALS. 
  • Osamudia James, Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar and Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Community, was elected in 2020 to the executive committee of AALS’s Minority Groups Section. 
  • Marni Lennon, Assistant Dean, Public Interest & Pro Bono and Director, HOPE Public Interest Resource Center & Lecturer in Law, has served as Chair of Section on Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities.  
  • Lili Levi, Professor of Law, Dean's Distinguished Scholar, and Vice Dean for Intellectual Life, was Chair of the Section on Communication, Media and Information Law in 2019, is now on the Section's Executive Committee, and had prior chair-level service in the 1990s. 
  • Jarrod F. Reich, Professor of Legal Writing & Lecturer in Law, was Chair of the AALS Section on Balance in Legal Education in 2020, which was selected as Section of the Year. He currently serves as Immediate Past Chair, an Officer position within the Section. 
  • Scott L. Rogers, Director, Mindfulness in Law Program & Lecturer in Law, has been a member of the Balance in Legal Education Section for more than ten years and previously, for three years, served on the executive board and as chair of the Outreach Committee. 
  • Janet E. Stearns, Dean of Students & Lecturer in Law, was chair of the Student Services Section, and then last year in 2020, Immediate Past Chair. 
  • Kele Stewart, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Professor of Law, and Co-Director, Children & Youth Law Clinic, was elected to serve on the executive committee of the Section on Clinical Legal Education for three years starting in 2020. 
  • Scott E. Sundby, Professor of Law & Dean's Distinguished Scholar, served in the past as chair of the Criminal Justice Section. 
  • Dean Anthony E. Varona has recently been chosen to serve on the AALS Membership Review Committee (MRC). The Membership Review Committee reviews law school applications for membership in the Association and approves sabbatical site evaluation reports on member law schools. Dean Varona is also a former co-editor of the AALS Journal of Legal Education, a member of the Executive Board of the AALS Section on Teaching Methods, and has served on the AALS Associate Deans Section’s Planning and Nominations Committee. 
  • Teresa J. Verges, Director, Investor Rights Clinic & Lecturer in Law, was elected to the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation in 2021. 

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