The Miami Law Explainer Podcast is Back with Season Nine

Miami Law’s legal affairs podcast, the Explainer, returns on August 15 with experts diving into, drilling down, and sussing out the context and relevance of in-the-headlines issues.
The Miami Law Explainer Podcast is Back with Season Nine

The Miami Law Explainer podcast opens season nine with shows tackling the national housing crisis with Tenant’s Rights Clinic Director Jeffrey Hearne and unpacking the Parkland massacre and Alex Jones trials with Innocence Clinic Director Craig Trocino.

New this season, Associate Dean of Intellectual Life Charlton Copeland will take over some shows to interview his colleagues discussing their research and scholarship, including Tamara Rice Lave discussing her new book, “Sexual Assault on Campus: Defending Due Process,” and  Michael Froomkin’s co-written paper, “Fixing the Senate.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to share this platform,” said Copeland. “It’s success and reach will provide us with an opportunity to showcase the faculty’s research and scholarship in ways that we haven’t done before. I hope that hearing scholars talk about their work in this way give a broader audience an incentive to engage work that endeavors to shape public policy and opinion. “

 With nearly 37,000 downloads from listeners as far away as Ukraine and Brazil since its unveiling in 2018, the podcast has logged more than 100 episodes, including last season’s top tracks “Feeling Freedom,” with Trocino and his students who secured the release of a wrongfully convicted client, and “The Contentious Battle Over Guns and Speech,” with Professor Mary Anne Franks, making the argument that the 1st and 2nd amendments could do with an update.

 The Explainer episodes drop weekly during the academic year and can be heard on most podcast providers including iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud, where seasons one through eight of the Explainer are available for binging.

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