Scott Rogers Publishes Book on Mindfulness for Law Students

The Mindful Law Student is an innovative guide to learning about mindfulness and integrating mindfulness practices into the law school experience.
Scott Rogers Publishes Book on Mindfulness for Law Students
Scott Rogers

Scott L. Rogers, lecturer in law and founder and director of the Mindfulness in Law Program, recently published The Mindful Law Student: A Mindfulness in Law Practice Guide. The book brings readers on a journey through the law school experience with seven hypothetical students who experience situations that make tangible the challenges, benefits, and promise of mindfulness. He provides real-world examples of applying mindfulness in law school using language of the law to impart mindfulness insights and practices.

Rogers is a leader in the area of mindfulness and the law and works with law school faculty and administrators across the country interested in developing mindfulness classes and programs. The workshop, "Mindfulness, Balance and the Lawyer's Brain" was one of the first CLE approved programs in the country integrating mindfulness and neuroscience. Jurisight®, the program Rogers created to teach mindfulness to legal professionals, has been integrated into law school classes, and presented at CLE programs at state, national and international conferences.

He has spoken to thousands of legal professionals, including lawyers, judges, law professors, and law students, appeared on television, National Public Radio, and been interviewed for magazines and newspapers across the country. His mindfulness programs have also been adapted and taught to educators, parents, therapists, negotiators, and physicians.