Professor of Law Jessica Owley Writes and Talks About the Controversy of Confederate Monuments on the Explainer Podcast

Environmental and property scholar Professor Owley discusses her research into the afterlife of confederate monuments is shaped by law and politics on Season 10, Episode 2 of The Explainer.
Jessica Owley
Professor Jessica Owley

In the confrontation around confederate monuments that have shaped the landscape of the South, the primary focus has been the decision to remove or not. Professor Jessica Owley looks at the controversy through a legal and political lens. Read her co-written paper, "The Afterlife of Confederate Monuments," and listen to the podcast here

Professor Owley specializes in Environmental Law and Property Law, with a focus on Climate Change Law and Policy and oversees the Environmental Law Program. She is a leading expert on private land conservation and conservation easements. Her interdisciplinary work explores ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as furthering other environmental goals in the context of drastic change. Her work is cited widely and has received multiple awards, including most recently the 2019 Morrison Prize for sustainability research. She annually participates as an observer at the annual treaty negotiations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.