3L Credits Transactional Skills Program for Experience at Stearns Weaver Miller

Jaclyn Sanchez gained hands on experience with the Transactional Skills Program, launched in 2018 with only 19 students. Between 2018 and now there are 150 enrollments in the program.
3L Credits Transactional Skills Program for Experience at Stearns Weaver Miller
Jaclyn Sanchez, 3L

As a student in the Transactional Skills Program, third-year law student Jaclyn Sanchez was responsible for negotiating and drafting an employment agreement between the fictitious buyer and seller of a winery. The experience had a positive impact on her both as a student and future attorney because she was able to gain hands-on experience and become more comfortable with negotiating and working on transactional issues.

Her experience with the transactional skills program has had a real impact on her ability to produce high quality work as a clerk at Stearns, Weaver, Miller, where she reviews and edits contracts.

“If a law student is looking to gain practical transactional experience instead of just learning abstract legal concepts, I highly recommend they try a transactional skills program at Miami Law," said Sanchez. "Not only you will draft real agreements just as a transactional associate is expected to, but you will also establish relationships with, and receive advice from, practicing transactional attorneys who are at the top of their game, which is an invaluable privilege."

In the transactional skills program, she learned how to communicate with a partner about transactional issues, what questions to ask when drafting agreements, and how to become a more effective negotiator.

The courses offered by the program are practical courses designed to place students in the shoes of a practicing transactional associate. Sanchez believes that not many law schools offer students the opportunity to act as young associates in a classroom setting.

The Transactional Law Concentration and Area of Focus equips students with the background and a portfolio of work that will qualify them for entry-level positions with law firms of all sizes, corporate in-house law departments, startups, nonprofits, regulators, and governmental agencies. Students who plan to practice complex commercial litigation will also benefit from the coursework as it will help them understand the types of contracts and terms that will be the subject of lawsuits and litigation. 

"Jacky is so talented that she would make an excellent litigator or transactional lawyer because she has a head for business and strong advocacy skills as well," said Marcia Narine Weldon, director of the program.

Sanchez chose Miami Law for its location and legal environment, where she is highly engaged in law school life, including membership in the University of Miami Law Review and Charles C. Papy, Jr. Moot Court Board, and president of Miami Law WomenSanchez has been recognized with the National Association of Women Lawyers Outstanding Law Student Award. 

“Being from Miami and a double ‘Cane, I knew I wanted to practice in Miami and give back to my community.”

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