MBS Hosts Inaugural Latin America & Caribbean Conference

MBS Hosts Inaugural Latin America & Caribbean Conference

By UM News

MBS Hosts Inaugural Latin America & Caribbean Conference

By UM News
On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, over 250 alumni, business people, and students registered to attend the Miami Business School day-long conference on Economics and Business in Latin America and the Caribbean. Conferees who flew in from twelve countries discussed the region’s economic prospects with President of the Inter-American Development Bank Luis Alberto Moreno, IMF Deputy Director Krishna Srinivasan, and former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Lawrence Summers.

University of Miami President Julio Frenk stated, “I congratulate Miami Business School on organizing this high-level meeting consistent with our strategy to make the University of Miami an important hub for the exchange of ideas in our hemisphere.”

Dean John Quelch of Miami Business School thanked Professors Joseph Ganitsky and Manuel Santos for “arranging a powerful and intellectually stimulating program,” and affirmed “Miami Business School’s commitment to making this top-quality regional conference an annual event on our calendar.”

Alongside the conference, twenty members of Miami Business School’s newly formed Latin America and Caribbean Advisory Board met with faculty to discuss the School’s strategy for the region.

Dean Quelch commented, “Around one-quarter of our full-time faculty have roots in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have much to offer as well as much to learn through closer partnerships with businesses and universities throughout the region.”

For more information on the Latin America and Caribbean Initiative, please contact Dr. Joseph Ganitsky at jganitsky@gmail.com.

For a video summary of some of Dr. Moreno’s and Dr. Summers’ remarks, click here

Current Latin America and Caribbean Advisory Board members are as follows:   

Name Country
Jose A. Acosta, BBA'80, MBA'82 USA
Arthur Adams Curacao
Juan Camilo Barrera, MBA'12 USA
F. Carl Braun Haiti
Yonatan Bursztyn Colombia
Juan Antonio Busto British Virgin Islands
Abraham Cherem Mizrahi, MBA'14 Mexico
Fernando Duque BSIE'91 Panama
Fernando Fragueiro Argentina
Juan M. Furne, MBA'90 Spain
Alberto Gavazzi USA
Jorge Giannattasio USA
Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu USA
Andrea Grobocopatel Argentina
Elizabeth Guinand, MS'11 Colombia
Eduardo Henrique Brazil
John Issa Jamaica
Tomislav C. Kuljis, BBA'84, MBA'85 Bolivia
German Leiva Colombia
Karl Lippert USA
Ruben Dario Lizarralde, MS'99 Colombia
Oscar Luzuriaga Ecuador
Ramon R. Maduro, MBA'90 Panama
Mauricio Martinez, BBA'97, MBA'07 Ecuador
Rick Murrell USA
Lionel Nobre, MBA'14 Brazil
Antonio Orlando, MBA'17 Venezuela
John W. Price USA
Cornelius Prior Virgin Islands
Robert Rothbaum USA
Frances Sevilla-Sacasa USA
Antonio Torres, MBA'17 Mexico
Kevin Tynes Panama
Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, MBA'80 Bahamas